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Recent Developments: DNA Analysis

Compiled by the Office of Carolyn B. Maloney

Recent Developments: DNA Analysis

9/22/03: Reynaldo Elias Rapalo has been charged with multiple counts of sexual battery in connection with the serial assaults of women in the Miami area earlier this year. DNA evidence has linked him to seven attacks. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/22/03).

Frank Baylor has been convicted of raping two teenage girls in Queens in 1991 and 1992. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (New York Post, 9/17/03).

9/12/03: Brett Reed has been charged with the 1985 murder of a mother and son in Philadelphia. (Philadelphia Daily News, 9/12/03).

9/9/03: Adolph Theodore Laudenberg has been arrested in the rape and murder of a Los Angeles woman in 1972. (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/9/03).

9/6/03: Demetrius Smalls has been arrested for the 1998 rape of a 13-year-old girl. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (Daily News (New York), 9/6/03).

8/30/03: Bryan Lee Gelenaw has been charged with the strangulation of a woman in 1981. Gelenaw is known as "the Bus Stop Rapist." (The Associated Press, 8/30/03).

8/16/03: Michael L. Gorman has been charged with the rapes and murders of two women in the late 1980s in Missouri. (The Associated Press, 8/16/03).

8/13/03: John Davis has been charged with the 1985 rape and murder of a San Francisco woman. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (San Francisco Chronicle, 8/13/03).

7/19/03: James Kenneth Elmen, Jr., has been charged with the 1985 rape and murder of a woman in Florida. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Miami Herald, 7/19/03).

7/15/03: Javier Barriga was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for raping and beating a woman in 1997. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (Daily News (New York), 7/15/03).

7/11/03: William Mims has been charged with at least six rapes in Chicago. Mims was arrested for a rape in January, and DNA evidence has linked him to the other rapes. (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/11/03).

7/11/03: Rico L. Glynn has been charged with the rape of a woman in January 2003. Glynn was in jail on charges of attempted murder when DNA evidence linked him to the rape. (The Wichita Eagle, 7/11/03).

7/9/03: Raymond Sheehan has been charged with the 1987 rape and murder of 10-year-old girl. New advances in DNA technology linked him to the crime. (Philadelphia Daily News, 7/9/03).

6/27/03: Paul Eugene Robinson has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for five counts of sexual assault. Robinson is the first person in the nation to be sentenced based on a "John Doe" warrant, which identifies the DNA code of a suspect. (Sacramento Bee, 6/27/03).

6/26/03: Jorge Garcia, who voluntarily gave police a DNA sample for their investigation of several unsolved rapes in Miami, has been linked to a 1996 rape. (The Miami Herald, 6/26/03).

6/19/03: Jeremiah Frank Dubois III has been charged with the 1998 rape of a woman in North Carolina. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (News Observer (Raleigh, NC), 6/19/03).

6/18/03: Brian L. Flowers, already serving time for a 1996 rape, has been linked to a 1993 rape after his DNA was entered into an Ohio database. (The Dayton Daily News, 6/18/03).

06/14/03: Leroy People has been arrested for two rapes in 2003 and 1998. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (Daily News (New York), 6/14/03).

6/12/03: DNA evidence has linked a single suspect to four rapes in Miami, FL, including two rapes of two children and two rapes of two women. (The Associated Press, 6/12/03).

6/11/03: Paul Landis Burke has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault for a series of attacks in Trenton, NJ. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (The Associated Press, 6/11/03).

6/11/03: Gerald Edwin Wright has been charged with three rapes that occurred in Greensboro, NC, in 2002. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (The Associated Press, 6/11/03).

6/6/03: Arbie Dean Williams has been charged with the murder of a teenager in 1982. Williams, who had already served time for a previous rape, was linked to the crime by his DNA evidence. (The Associated Press, 6/6/03).

6/5/03: Jaime L. Cruz has been sentenced to 35 years for committing several sexual assaults. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 6/5/03).

6/5/03: Lawrence Edward Hawes was sentenced to at least 96 years in prison for five charges including first-degree rape. DNA evidence linked him to the rape of a woman in March 2002. (The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC), 6/5/03).

6/4/03: New York State recently recorded its 1000th DNA cold hit. The State's DNA databank was established in 1996. (The Associated Press, 6/4/03).

5/22/03: Jimmy Cecil Arrowsmith has been convicted of raping an 11-year-old developmentally disabled girl. The girl who is now twelve, delivered a baby in March. The child is Arrowsmith's. (The Associated Press, 5/22/03).

5/22/03: Eric Virgil Hall has been charged with the rape and murder of a Boise woman. He already has been indicted for the rape, kidnapping, and murder of a woman in 2000. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 5/22/03).

5/22/03: Christopher Waldner has been sentenced to nine years in prison for rape. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 5/22/03).

5/21/03: John Nicholas Athan has been charged with the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in 1982. Athan was fourteen at the time of the killing. Police obtained his DNA evidence by sending him a form which he would have to lick before returning. (The Seattle Times, 5/21/03).

5/15/03: Donald "Dondie" Craig has been charged with the rape, murder, and kidnaping of a 12-year-old girl in 1996. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio), 5/15/03).

5/14/03: Eric Brings Plenty has been sentenced to more than ten years in prison for the sexual assault of a woman in 2000. He is already serving sixty years in Colorado for rape and murder. His DNA was entered into a national database and linked to the 2000 rape in South Dakota. (The Associated Press, 5/14/03).

5/14/03: Edgar Earl Lenear has been convicted of a 1993 rape in Minneapolis. Lenear already was serving time for murder. A new Minnesota law allowing the collection of DNA from violent felons led to the additional charge. (The Associated Press, 5/14/03).

5/14/03: Jerron Johnson, a 16-year-old deaf teenager, has been charged with raping and murdering a mentally ill woman in 2001. He also has been charged with other crimes including two counts of rape and an attempted rape and abduction. DNA evidence found at the scene of the crimes led to his arrest. (Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio), 5/14/03).

5/12/03: Joseph Felder has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the rape of a sales clerk inside Macy's in New York City in 1998. He also has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for burglarizing that same store. DNA found at the scene matched Felder. (The Associated Press, 5/12/03).

5/10/03: Tyrone Williams has been charged with rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse in several sexual assaults against women in elevators in New York City. DNA evidence linked him to at least one of the rapes. (The Associated Press, 5/10/03).

5/9/03: Law enforcement in Miami-Dade County have linked a serial rapist to three recent attacks in West Kendall and to four sexual assaults near Tampa in 2001. DNA evidence has confirmed that the same individual was involved in the attacks, although he has not yet been identified. (The Miami Herald, 5/9/03).

5/9/03: Carlos Ramos, the "Greenpoint Rapist," has pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree rape, and will receive 35 years in prison. DNA evidence linked him to one of the rapes. (The New York Post, 5/9/03).

5/8/03: Carlos Jimenez has been arrested for the sexual assault and robbery of a woman in 2001. A DNA sample submitted by Jimenez in 2001 when he was serving time for an unrelated crime resulted in the match. (The Daily News of Los Angeles, 5/8/03).

5/7/03: Brett D. Merrick has been charged with sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman in 1997. Semen taken from the victim matched Merrick's DNA. (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/03).

5/4/03: Carlos Romero Rhynes has been arrested for the rape of a woman in 2001. He is a suspect in at least twelve rapes in Central Florida. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Miami Herald, 5/4/03).

5/2/03: Bernard Middleton has been charged with the 1995 rape and murder of a woman in Chicago. His DNA also has linked him to four other rapes. (Chicago Tribune, 5/2/03).

4/29/03: James Madison Thomas, Sr., has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the attempted rape of a woman in 2002. DNA evidence found on the victim was linked to Thomas. (The Daily News Leader, 4/29/03).

4/26/03: Shariff Jackson has been sentenced to prison for raping two women in 1996 and 1997. (The Associated Press, 4/26/03).

4/25/03: Will James Robinson has been found guilty of the rape of a woman in 1998. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 4/25/03).

4/25/03: Felipe Acevedo has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Florida. DNA evidence collected from the girl matched Acevedo. (The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL), 4/25/03).

4/24/03: Timothy Ferguson has been charged with multiple rapes of elderly women since 1993. DNA evidence was obtained from a cigarette butt, and was linked to the crimes. (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/24/03).

4/24/03: Eric Hall has been charged with the murder, rape, and kidnapping of a woman in 2000. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Idaho Statesman, 4/24/03).

4/23/03: DNA evidence has linked more than six of the 18 suspects in an alleged gang rape of a mentally disabled girl to that crime. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/23/03).

4/23/03: Douglas Belt has been charged with seven rapes from 1989 to 1994 in Kansas. DNA evidence has linked him tot he murder of a 43-year-old woman. (The Wichita Eagle, 4/23/03).

4/18/03: Dale Wayne Eaton has been arrested for the rape and murder of an 18-year-old woman in 1988. (Rocky Mountain News, 4/18/03).

4/17/03: Donald Sigsbee, who has been charged with the 1975 murder of a SUNY Morrisville student, is a suspect in several unsolved rapes and homicides in New York. Sigsbee was a suspect at the time, but authorities were only able to link him to the crime in March with DNA evidence. (The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), 4/17/03).

4/15/03: Joseph Felder is on trial for the 1998 rape of a woman inside the Macy's store in Herald Square in New York City. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 4/15/03).

4/7/03: Bobby Kersting has been sentenced to 115-175 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults during 2001 and 2002. (The Associated Press, 4/7/03).

4/2/03: Kevin E. Worlds has been found guilty of the 1998 murder of a McKeesport woman. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/2/03).

3/30/03: David J. Kaiser, already in prison for the 1992 rape of a woman, has been charged with two counts of capital sexual battery in the rape and kidnapping of a toddler in 1986. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (Florida Times-Union, 3/30/03).

3/29/03: John Joseph Watson is a suspect in the 1958 murder and rape of a woman. The 81-year-old convict had served time for previous crimes. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 3/29/03).

3/29/03: David J. Kaiser has been charged with the rape and kidnapping of a child in 1986. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 3/29/03).

3/18/03: Clyde Carl Wilkerson will serve seven years in prison for the murder of a man and the rape of the man's wife in 1965. DNA may also link him to other crimes. (The Associated Press, 3/18/03).

3/15/03: Leotis Herbert Wooten has been charged with the rape and murder of a 28-year-old woman in 1983. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (Tulsa World (Oklahoma), 3/15/03).

3/11/03: Vincent J. Williams has been convicted of raping two women and will serve a 61-year sentence. DNA evidence led to the conviction. (The Columbus Dispatch, 3/11/03).

3/8/03: Norman Whitehorn has been charged with the rape and murder of a woman in 1978. Already serving a 50-year-sentence for a felony, his DNA was entered into a state databank, resulting in the match. (Sacramento Bee, 3/8/03).

3/7/03: Robert A. Griffin has been convicted of sexually assaulting two girls and a 67-year-old woman in 1997 and 1999. Already serving time for burglary, his DNA matched samples found at the crime scenes. (The Associated Press, 3/7/03).

3/7/03: Michael Arthur Stephan has been sentenced to prison for the rape of a 19-year-old woman. His DNA was entered into a database, leading to the match. (The Associated Press, 3/7/03).

3/6/03: Timothy Snead has been found guilty of the rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995. His DNA was entered into the state database and produced the match. (Kansas City Star, 3/7/03).

2/26/03: Felix Albert Kauffman has been charged with sexual assault in East Texas. He has admitted to committing nine rapes, although his DNA evidence links him to three of those attacks. (The Associated Press, 2/26/03).

2/26/03: John Westbrook has been arrested for the 1996 rape of a Charlottesville woman. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/26/03).

2/20/03: Robert Louis Cromwell has been found guilty of murdering a 10-year-old Phoenix girl. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 2/20/03).

2/20/03: Herman Lamb has been sentenced to life in prison for the 1977 kidnaping, rape, and murder of Denise Stahlhut. DNA linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 2/20/03).

2/20/03: Kevin Smith has been convicted with the 1996 rape of a teenager in New York City. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. DNA from the rape kit was analyzed this year as part of the NYPD's "Project Backlog," which "analyzes the DNA in rape kits collected in about 17,000 unsolved sexual assault cases and compares it to a state database of DNA taken from convicted felons." (Daily News (New York), 2/20/03).

2/14/03: Robert A. Griffin has been found guilty of nine counts of rape, sodomy, burglary, assault, and robbery involving a 10-year-old girl. His DNA was matched to the unsolved cases after it was entered into the state's database. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 2/14/03).

2/13/03: Ilyas Abdul-Mumim has been indicted on multiple counts of rape after DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (The Columbus Dispatch, 2/13/03).

2/12/03: George Williams, Jr., is a suspect in the 1986 murder of a 14-year-old California girl. He was linked to the crime after his DNA was entered into the state database. (The Associated Press, 2/12/03).

2/12/03: Edmond Jay Marr has been linked, with DNA evidence, to the 1983 murder of a Sherman Oaks, CA, nurse. (Los Angeles Times, 2/12/03).

2/7/03: DNA evidence has linked three men to the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl in Houston in 2002. (The Houston Chronicle, 2/7/03).

2/6/03: The New Orleans Police Department admitted that it destroyed evidence in at least three ongoing cases including a 1992 rape. (The Times-Picayune, 2/6/03).

01/22/03: Ardis Hunter has been sentenced to life in prison for the rape of a Mercer University woman in 2001. DNA evidence from the crime matched Hunter's sample which was entered into the Florida corrections system. (The Macon Telegraph, 01/22/03).

01/21/03: Lee Van Glahn has been charged with attempting to rape a woman in Brooklyn, and is a suspect in two other murders. DNA evidence has linked him to the crimes. (The New York Post, 01/21/03).

1/17/03: Ernest Turner has been charged with the rape and murder of an Erie woman. DNA linked him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 1/17/03).

1/16/03: Kennedy Wheeler has been arrested in Columbus, OH, as a suspect in a string of sexual assaults. His DNA will be compared to the evidence collected in those crimes. (The Columbus Dispatch, 1/1603).

1/13/03: Jesus C. Mezquia has been charged with the 1993 rape and murder of Mia Zapata, a popular local punk-rock singer in Seattle. (The Associated Press, 1/13/03).

1/12/03: Douglas Belt has been linked to several unsolved rapes and sexual assaults that occurred during the past fourteen years. (The Wichita Eagle, 1/12/03).

1/11/03: Charles A. Rawlings has been charged with entering retail stores, tying up the clerks, and raping them at gunpoint. The crime spree includes three rapes. After serving a 15-year sentence for robbery, Rawlings, by law, submitted his DNA sample upon release. (The Record (Bergen County, NJ), 1/11/03).

1/11/03: A new DNA test has confirmed that Kenneth Charron, who is serving time for a 1985 rape, committed the crime. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1/11/03).

1/8/03: Ruben Fortune has been linked to the sexual assault of two female Georgia State University students in December 2002. DNA evidence from the attacks matched a 1999 sexual assault case involving Fortune. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/8/03).

1/5/03: Allegheny County's crime lab (Pennsylvania) had their first cold hit when a 1998 stabbing was solved through DNA evidence. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/5/03).

1/1/03: Virginia has begun obtaining DNA samples from all individuals charged with a violent felony, the most aggressive such effort in the nation. (The Washington Post, 1/1/03).

12/31/02: Douglas S. Belt, who was being held in connection with murder in Wichita, has been linked to a series of unsolved rapes during the past decade. (The Associated Press, 12/31/02).

12/30/02: An Louisiana inmate has been linked through DNA evidence to a 1987 rape-murder in Texas. (The Associated Press, 12/30/02).

12/24/02: The Allegheny County forensic lab has developed a backlog in DNA testing because of insufficient funds. "County Coroner Dr. Cyril H. Wecht asked the county to boost his office's 2003 budget by $745,000 so workers can eliminate the backlog. The city council agreed to give the coroner's office $600,000. But county Chief Executive Jim Roddey reduced the increase to $400,000." (The Associated Press, 12/24/02).

12/12/02: DNA evidence may have linked Clyde Carl Wilkerson with the 1975 rape and murder of a Tulsa college student. He is currently charged with two 1965 murders. (The Associated Press, 12/12/02).

12/06/02: The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has solved the rape and murder of a child in 1979 in California using DNA evidence. A sample taken from a Colorado convict resulted in a cold hit with evidence collected from the California crime. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/6/02).

12/05/02: The backlog of DNA samples waiting to be analyzed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is so large that "agencies can expect a 127-day wait from the time the sample is submitted until they get a response." (Rocky Mountain News, 12/5/02).

12/01/02: Alexander Lamont Drain has been charged with raping four women in the Philadelphia area. DNA evidence obtained from the crime scenes linked him to the crimes. (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/1/02).

11/12/02: Mark Wayne Rathburn has been linked through DNA evidence to 13 of 31 sexual attacks of women in Seattle and Southern California since 1996. (Los Angeles Times, 11/12/02).

11/8/02: Dale W. Lash has been found guilty of the rape and murder of Lori Hayes in Illinois. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (The State Journal-Register, 11/8/02).

11/5/02: An unidentified man who sexually assaulted six women in Montana in 1993 and 1994 raped a woman in New Mexico in 2001. (The Associated Press, 11/5/02).

10/31/02: DNA evidence has linked Clyde Carl Wilkerson, a 63-year-old ex-convict, to two 1965 rape-murders near San Diego. (The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/31/02).

10/25/02: John Morris, serving time for attempted auto burglary, has been linked through DNA evidence to a 1982 murder. (Albuquerque Journal, 10/25/02).

10/25/02: DNA evidence has linked a 16-year-old boy to an alleged rape of a female classmate in Wisconsin. (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/25/02).

10/22/02: The Forth Worth Police Department's crime lab recently received an $836,000 grant to help process its backlog of DNA evidence. (Fort Worth Star Telegram, 10/22/02).

10/21/02: Dale W. Lash of Illinois has gone on trial for the carjacking and murder of Lori Hayes in a parking lot in 1999. Lash has already been sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 1998 rape of a real estate agent. DNA evidence links Lash to the crimes. (The State Journal-Register, 10/21/02).

10/19/02: Isiah Fields has been charged with two rapes of homeless women in San Francisco. He may be implicated in as many as six rapes of homeless women over since 1999. DNA evidence has linked him to the crimes. (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/19/02).

10/18/02: Richard Fresquez has been arraigned in New Mexico for, among other charges, sexual assault. DNA evidence linked him to the crime scene. (Albuquerque Journal, 10/18/02).

10/8/02: The forensic lab in Allegheny County, PA, cannot process any more DNA evidence this year, because the lab does not have the funding, equipment, or staff members. The district attorney's office indicated that it may utilize outside labs for the testing, which costs approximately $6,500 for each case. (The Associated Press, 10/8/02).

10/8/02: Robert Lane has pleaded guilty to two rapes that occurred in 1995. (The Virginian-Pilot, 10/8/02).

9/30/02: Robert Lane has been convicted of the 1992 rape of a 13-year-old girl he abducted in a park. His DNA sampled resulted in a "cold hit" two years ago. Lane has been indicted in two other rapes of people in 1995 in the Virginia Beach area. (The Virginian-Pilot, 9/30/02).

9/29/02: Roger Gary Speer has been sentenced to at least twenty years in prison after being convicted of the 1980 rape and murder of his aunt. At the time of the murder, insufficient evidence existed to file charges against Speer. With new DNA testing procedures, authorities were able to test a sperm sample from Speer and link him to the crime. (The Associated Press, 9/29/02).

9/28/02: Richard Fresquez has been indicted for attempted murder and rape in New Mexico. DNA evidence linked the suspect to the crimes. (Albuquerque Journal, 9/28/02).

9/27/02: John P. Garcia has been linked to several crimes, including sexual assault, murder, and attempted murder, because of DNA evidence. (The Baltimore Sun, 9/27/02).

9/27/02: David Jewel Newton, a convicted molester, will serve 458 years in prison for raping a 14-year-old Tulsa girl in 2001. His DNA was entered into a national database and a "cold hit" may link him to a 1998 Texas rape. (Tulsa World, 9/27/02).

9/25/02: James Allen Selby has been arrested after DNA evidence linked him to nine sexual attacks against women and children since 1999. The assaults occurred in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oklahoma. (The Associated Press, 9/25/02).

9/13/02: Geiggars has pled guilty to two additional rapes. (The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/13/02).

9/11/02: Harlan Geiggars, serving time in an Arkansas prison for attempted rape, has been linked to three unsolved rape cases because of DNA. (The Associated Press, 9/11/02).

9/9/02: Lonnie C. Davis, who was originally charged with rape as a John Doe, has been identified after a DNA match was made. Davis is currently serving a 105-year prison term for a previous rape and carjacking. (The Associated Press, 9/9/02).

9/7/02: DNA evidence has linked Donald Coppedge to thirteen rapes in south St. Louis County. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/7/02).

9/2/02: Flynn Clarence Bell, Jr., was linked to 23 unsolved rape cases through DNA technology. The rapes occurred in Dallas, some of which may have occurred as early as 1985. He received four "stacked" life sentences, "meaning he would have to serve a minimum of four, 15-year prison terms before being eligible for parole." (The Dallas Morning News, 9/2/02).

8/31/02: Robert Atkins has been charged with the rape and murder of Jessica Lynn Carpenter in August 2000. Authorities made a "cold hit" after entering DNA evidence found at the scene into Georgia's database. Atkins is currently serving time in prison for violating probation. (The State (Columbia, SC), 8/31/02).

8/29/02: Larry Drake Tolbert has been arrested for raping a 92-year-old woman in a nursing home in Albuquerque. A DNA sample taken from the woman's bedding matched a profile of Tolbert from Washington state. (The Associated Press, 8/29/02).

8/22/02: Narcisso Solis has been linked to at least three sexual assaults in California. He was arrested for driving under the influence after being placed under surveillance for the sexual assaults. (Los Angeles Times, 8/22/02).

8/21/02: Scott Thomas Erskine, who is serving time for the rape of a San Diego woman, and who is awaiting trial for the torture, molestation, and killing of two boys, has been linked to a 1989 murder in Florida. (Copley News Service, 8/21/02).

8/21/02: James Allen Silby has been linked to the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old girl in Oklahoma. DNA tests have linked him to other sexual assaults around the nation. (The Associated Press, 8/21/02).

8/20/02: Larry Craig Padgett, who has been charged with raping a Minnesota woman, has also been charged with committing three other assaults. DNA evidence from the recent attack matched samples from the other incidents. (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 8/20/02).

8/13/02: DNA evidence has linked a Nebraska inmate to an Ohio rape. This is the first national match for the Nebraska crime lab since it began analyzing DNA in 2000. (The Associated Press, 8/13/02).

8/13/02: DNA evidence has allowed prosecutors in Pierce County, Washington, to file charges against a "John Doe" in connection with the kidnapping and rape of a girl in 2000. (The Associate Press, 8/13/02).

8/11/02: With a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Maine State Police hopes to reduce its backlog of pending cases by 150. This funding will enable the police department to hire additional staff and new equipment. (The Associated Press, 8/11/02).

8/8/02: DNA evidence has led authorities in Maine to issue a "John Doe" warrant for a rapist believed to have committed at least two rapes. (Bangor Daily News, 8/8/02).

8/3/02: DNA testing in Kansas has led to cold hits in three unsolved rapes. The names of the alleged rapists have not yet been released. The rapes are unrelated. (Topeka Capital Journal, 8/3/02).

8/2/02: DNA evidence has linked Mario Antonio Hernandez with the rape of a 9-year-old girl in April 2000, in Santa Ana, CA. He has been linked to five similar rapes in Northern California. (Los Angeles Times, 8/2/02).

7/31/02: Luis Benhur Acuna is on trial for sexually assaulting a college student. He is also suspected of being a serial rapist. DNA evidence has linked him to the sexual assault and to two rapes. (Austin American Statesman, 7/31/02).

7/30/02: Andrew Dominic Sanchez has been linked to a rape and an attempted rape through DNA testing, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (The Associated Press, 7/30/02).

7/30/02: "The Los Angeles Police Department accidentally destroyed biological evidence in at least 1,100 sexual assault cases since 1995." Detectives destroyed the evidence because they were "unaware" that the statute of limitations for rape had been lengthened from 6 years to 10 years. (Los Angeles Times, 7/30/02).

7/19/02: Jorge Hernandez, 18, has been arrested for the rape of a 94-year-old woman. DNA evidence linked him to the crime. (San Jose Mercury News, 7/19/02).

7/19/02: Authorities have determined that the "East End" serial rapist has been active in Allegheny County since 1988. DNA evidence from the 1988 rape matches the evidence from five rapes since June 2000. Police are still searching for the rapist. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/19/02).

7/19/02: Anthony Mitchell, who is serving 25 years for attempted rape, admitted to killing a 20-year-old woman in 1989. He is part of the first group of Baltimore felons who have been convicted because of DNA testing of "cold cases." As part of an ABC News 20/20 investigation, Mitchell's DNA was tested along with 49 other dormant cases. Ten of those samples have solved previously unsolved cases. (The Baltimore Sun, 7/19/02).

7/19/02: Laron Fitzgerald Floyd has been charged with rape in Lexington, KY. His DNA was entered into a database and matched to an unsolved 2001 rape. He has been charged with burglary, attempted rape, armed robbery, and sexual abuse. (The Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/19/02).

7/18/02: Thurman McGowan, already serving a 25-year sentence for rape, has been linked to the 1993 killing of a Romanian immigrant. A match was found using the DNA database. (Chicago Tribune, 7/18/02).

7/15/02: Foster Bates, on trial in Massachusetts for killing a 22-year-old-woman, was linked to the crime because of DNA evidence. (The Associated Press, 7/15/02).

7/14/02: Police captured escaped suspect Luis Acosta in Brooklyn, NY. Acosta's DNA has linked him to fifteen rapes over five years in the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. (Newsday, 7/14/02).

7/9/02: Police have linked at least eight assaults in San Diego and Tucson to a single predator. DNA evidence was linked to a single assailant after the samples were entered into a national database. (The Associated Press, 7/9/02).

7/6/02: Authorities have linked the same man to six sexual assaults in Colorado and Texas. Although the man has not been identified, he is suspected in rapes from 1993 through 1998. (The Associated Press, 7/6/02).

7/2/02: Joe Felder, who is serving time at Riker's Island for an unrelated crime, has been indicted on charges that he raped and robbed a Macy's employee in January 1998. The employee stabbed Felder during the attack, and the DNA linked him to the crime. (The New York Times, 7/2/02).

6/29/02: Ray Arviso, Jr., already serving time in prison, has been charged with two rapes occurring in 1990 and 1991 (New Mexico). DNA evidence linked him to the crimes after being run through the FBI's DNA Index. (The Associated Press, 6/29/02).

6/29/02: Richard Evonitz may be linked to a kidnapping and rape of a South Carolina girl and to the murders of three Virginia girls in the late 1990s because of DNA evidence. Evonitz killed himself on Thursday, June 27, 2002. Authorities are comparing DNA from the crimes in Virginia and South Carolina. (The State, Columbia, SC, 6/29/02).

6/28/02: Jay Taylor has been charged with the 1999 rape and strangling death of a Fort Lauderdale woman after DNA from a rape attempt in Miami Beach matched evidence from the 1999 rape. The evidence also has implicated him in a 2001 rape of an elderly woman in her apartment building. (The Miami Herald, 6/28/02).

6/28/02: Los Angeles County is planning to build a new crime lab to be completed by 2005. 34 new employees will be hired to work in the DNA section of the lab. The cost is projected to be $96 million. (Los Angeles Times, 6/28/02).

The Michigan state police crime lab has been flooded with almost 40,000 DNA samples. A small percentage of these samples have been processed. Critics allege that the lab does not have enough forensic scientists to conduct the tests, and more funding is needed. Samples are taken from all felons and individuals convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, and sex-related misdemeanors. (The Associated Press, 6/27/02).

6/26/02: Sylvester Deon Collins of Athens, Georgia, was found guilty of three counts of rape and other crimes. DNA evidence implicated Collins. (The Associated Press, 6/26/02).

6/25/02: Keith Aaron Schwinaman, a convicted child molester, has been linked to three unsolved rapes in Boulder and Lafayette, Colorado, in the 1990s. Schwinaman is currently serving time in a state prison for violating parole. Authorities are waiting for the results from additional blood and saliva samples. "Detectives have been resubmitting evidence from sexual assault cases dating back to 1990 for more technologically advanced DNA testing." (The Associated Press, 6/25/02).

6/20/02: The Rhode Island state forensics laboratory plans to stop analyzing DNA samples, because of budget cuts imposed by the General Assembly. The lab also will not submit any DNA found from convicts to a national database. Instead, "a forensic scientist will visually inspect evidence for signs of bodily fluids." Any fluids found will be sent to a private laboratory to be analyzed. (The Associated Press, 6/20/02).

6/17/02: Sylvester Deon Collins is facing fourteen felony charges in Athens, GA, including rape and kidnapping. DNA evidence linked Collins to the rapes of three women. (The Associated Press, 6/17/02).

6/14/02: Charles Courtney of Hamilton, Ohio, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for kidnapping and raping a woman in 1998. Authorities were able to make a cold hit, because his DNA was on file because of serving time in Indiana for an unrelated sex crime. "It just goes to point out how important the use of DNA evidence is in our criminal justice system," said Jeff Giuliano, an assistant Butler County prosecutor. (The Associated Press, 6/14/02).

6/14/02: Matthew Gregory Moore was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for strangling an elderly woman in 1981. He was under investigation because of a 1976 rape conviction. Detectives matched DNA in semen taken from the victim's body to Moore, who was serving time for molesting a boy in 1993. (The Associated Press, 6/14/02).

6/14/02: James Daveggio and Michelle Michaud were found guilty of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Vanessa Lei Samson in 1997. The couple has been sentenced to death. The pair used a van "rigged for torture." DNA evidence was found on a rubber ball, curling irons, and a bloody napkin in the van. Daveggio and Michaud had engaged in a series of sexual assaults including a conviction for a 1999 rape in Nevada. (The San Francisco Chronicle, 6/14/02).

6/11/02: Marino Antonio Hernandez has been arrested for sexual attacks on girls in Redwood City, East Palo Alto, and Orange County (California), because of DNA evidence. "All of the girls were 7 or 8 years old." (The San Francisco Chronicle, 6/11/02).

6/7/02: The Kansas City Crime Lab is expanding its department with two new analysts. "The lab has a backlog of 100 current cases, involving up to 500 DNA samples." Lab Director Gary Howell stated that his lab finds DNA on cigarette butts "100 percent of the time." (The Kansas City Star, 6/7/02).

6/6/02: In Oklahoma, DNA evidence which freed a wrongly convicted man has implicated a new suspect. Officials would not identify the 39-year-old man. (The Daily Oklahoman, 6/6/02).

6/6/02: Governor Frank Keating of Oklahoma signed into law a bill that eliminates the seven-year statute of limitations on sex crimes (under certain conditions), including DNA evidence. (The Associated Press, 6/6/02).

6/6/02: In the St. Louis area, more hospitals are instituting SANE programs. According to Pennie Ward, who headed the first SANE program in St. Louis, more than 2,000 SANE programs exist nationwide. She also stated that only 20% of rape victims go to the hospital. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/6/02).

6/5/02: Houston has approximately 7,200 rape kits that have gone untested. The statute of limitations on sexual assault cases in Texas is ten years. The Houston Police Department has applied for a $1 million National Institute of Justice grant to reduce the cost of processing the backlog. By using a $365,000 grant, the Department secured "two DNA analysis machines that reduced testing time from 14 days to 2-3 days." (The Houston Chronicle, 6/5/02).

6/2/02: Oregon detectives have found more than 1,000 rape kits that were never submitted to the state crime lab for processing. At least 700 of those kits should have been tested. Current policy required that police route the kits to the state lab unless one or more criteria applied including the case being determined to be unfounded, the kit having no evidentiary value, and the case exceeding the state's 12-year statute of limitations for sex crimes. (The Associated Press, 6/2/02).

6/1/02: Manuel Salamanca, Jr., who is in jail on charges of aggravated sexual assault, has been linked to nine rapes in Texas because of DNA evidence. "The genetic match means that police have a person to go with a John Doe indictment returned last summer in a 1996 rape." (The Dallas Morning News, 6/1/02).

5/30/02: Senator Maria Cantwell announces that DNA evidence from more than 4,000 rape cases in Washington state have never been analyzed. The state legislature has authorized expanding the DNA database to include all convicted felons. (The Seattle Times, 5/30/02).

5/26/02: Robert B. Cumberland of the Bronx was arrested and charged with assaulting five women. DNA evidence linked him to the crimes. (The New York Times, 5/26/02).

5/19/02: Vinson Horace Champ, a traveling comedian, was convicted by a Scott County, Iowa, jury of raping a St. Ambrose University graduate student in 1997. He was "convicted of two similar assaults in Nebraska and will serve his sentences there before returning to prison in Iowa. He is charged with an attempted assault in California and with an assault in Iowa City. He also is a suspect in cases in Illinois and Wisconsin." (The Associated Press, 5/21/02).

5/19/02: The Boston Police Department's Crime Lab is being praised for its processing of DNA evidence kits. "The test for semen takes about 15 minutes," according to forensic technologist Kevin Kosiorek. The Lab has a 5-day turnaround and no backlog. Since 1998, the department has linked 18 rapes to suspects whose profiles were already in the FBI's database. (The Boston Herald, 5/19/02).

5/19/02: Officials in Ohio estimate that more than 3,000 rape kits are sitting on shelves waiting to be processed. The state is starting a pilot program with the Cleveland Police Department that will provide $200,000, from a $2.2 million federal grant, to give $100 for each rape kit that the departments process. (The Plain Dealer, 5/19/02).

5/18/02: DNA evidence has linked Melvin Conley, who is serving thirty years in prison for a 1987 sodomy conviction, with a 1986 rape. "It is the oldest case generated by DNA evidence in Jackson County, Kansas." Other cold hits in the prison database have linked two men to unrelated sex crimes, and two men to murders. Prosecutors hope to use DNA samples to solve crimes from the 1970s or earlier. (The Kansas City Star, 5/18/02).

5/17/02: The Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento, CA, upheld a state law that requires Death Row inmates to submit blood and saliva samples. "More than 200,000 profiles of criminals have been entered into the databank at the DNA lab in Richmond, and more than 100 unsolved crimes have been linked to those felons." (The San Francisco Chronicle, 5/17/02).

5/17/02: Nathaniel Harris, serving a six-year sentence for attempted second-degree murder, has been charged with the 1996 rape and murder of a Kansas City, KS, woman. Harris's DNA linked him to the rape. (The Kansas City Star, 5/17/02).

5/16/02: Marshall Thomas of Cahokia, Missouri, was sentenced to 25 years in prison after DNA evidence linked him to a rape. "The victim was abducted at knifepoint on the eve of her 17th birthday from in front of her grandmother's home and taken to a vacant building, where she was raped and stabbed in the right thigh and left forearm." Thomas had demanded the test, because he believed it would exonerate him. However, the results have linked him to a 1998 rape. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 5/16/02).

5/16/02: DNA evidence has confirmed that James Harvey, who is serving a 40-year sentence for a 1989 rape in Virginia, was the perpetrator in that crime. Harvey had claimed that he had been wrongly convicted. (The Associated Press, 5/16/02).

5/12/02: Benjamin LaGuer, who is spending his life behind bars for rape, had alleged that DNA evidence collected at the crime scene was tampered with by police. The long-awaited testing of the samples have linked LaGuer even more closely to the crime. LaGuer was convicted in 1984, and had been fighting to have the samples tested in hopes of proving his innocence. (The Associated Press, 5/12/02).

5/11/02: Georgia Governor Roy Barnes has signed a new law that will "lift the statue of limitations on those crimes when DNA evidence is collected." In recent years, the state has created a DNA database of Georgia prison inmates. (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 5/11/02).

5/10/02: Michael Wayne Gallatin, a convicted serial rapist, will plead guilty to the 1997 murder of Linda Karlovich. He is currently serving sixty years for five other rapes since 1993. DNA evidence led to Gallatin being charged with the five rapes and the murder of Karlovich. (The Associated Press, 5/10/02).

5/10/02: Kevin E. Worlds, who had been serving time in prison, was linked to a 1998 rape of Liane Evans in McKeesport, PA. She had been stabbed twenty-one times. "It was the first time county police were able to make an arrest by using a DNA database that cross-references genetic samples from crime scenes with DNA from known felons on local, state, and federal levels." Worlds has been charged with criminal homicide, rape, and burglary. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/10/02).

5/4/02: DNA evidence has linked Cedrik L. Jones of Hollywood with two rapes in a West Palm Beach, FL, insurance office in 1999. Jones was serving a seven-year sentence in a Miami-Dade Country prison for assaulting two Broward Country police officers, and was forced to provide a DNA sample at the beginning of his sentence. After entering his DNA into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Combined DNA Indexing System, the sample matched genetic samples taken from the victims. (Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 5/4/02)

4/25/02: DNA analysis has linked Air Force Senior Airman Troy Graves to sexual assaults in Fort Collins, CO, and six rapes in Philadelphia, PA. He was known as the "Center City Rapist." The Fort Collins assaults occurred in 2001 and the rapes in Philadelphia occurred from 1997 to 1999. (Rocky Mountain News, 4/25/02)

4/20/02: By using DNA evidence from a February 20, 2001, rape of a woman in New York City, police were able to link Calvin Benjamin to an October 22, 2002, rape in lower Manhattan. Benjamin is 16-years-old. He also is suspected of robbing nine women between December 2000 and February 2001. (The New York Post, 4/20/02)

4/18/02: San Francisco made two arrests in a 1995 rape case using DNA analysis and a genetic database. Ex-convict Juan Paredes had been arrested in 1996 for a similar sexual assault. He and his co-defendant in that case, Victor Aquino, have been arrested for the 1995 rape of a prostitute. Authorities have identified about 400 cases in San Francisco that DNA evidence may help solve. Prosecutors were able to file charges because of a new state law that extends time limits in cases where reliable DNA evidence exists (now have 10 years from date of crime or one year from date of "cold hit"). (The San Francisco Chronicle, 4/18/02)

04/12/02: Arizona is considering legislation to collect DNA evidence from all convicted felons. "One unresolved issue is paying for the estimated $2 million annual cost of the expanded testing. Arizona's current database is not large enough to produce "cold hit" DNA matches of people not already suspects in cases. Ray Krone, a Phoenix man whose 10-year-old murder conviction is on the verge of being erased because recent DNA testing indicates another man already in prison may have committed the crime. Krone was released from prison on Monday." (Associated Press, 4/12/02)

04/03/02: As many as 4,000 samples are missing from LAPD evidence lockers. "The department until recently had routinely disposed of evidence in rape cases that fell outside the seven-year statute of limitations for prosecution." Barry Scheck called it "particularly egregious." (USA Today, 4/3/02)

03/26/02: Michael Adams convicted of raping and beating Sylvia Edgren in 1981. Adams may have been the first person convicted in California because of a cold hit. The DNA evidence taken from the victim had been stored in a secure locker. In 1987, Adams was arrested for "the brutal attack on an 87-year-old Pacific Grove women in her home. He agreed to a plea bargain that would allow him to avoid prison time in exchange for probation. But Adams skipped town, violating his probation. He was eventually imprisoned, released and returned to custody on a parole violation. In May 1999, just a month before he would be released from San Quentin Prison, prison officials took blood samples from Adams. If Adams had not violated parole, he wouldn't have been in prison and investigators may have never been able to collect his DNA sample." (Monterey County Herald, 3/26/02)

03/18/02: Robert Lee Sales, serving a sentence since August 1972 for a rape and murder in Utah, was charged in March 2002 with the 1972 rape and murder of a 17-year-old woman. DNA tests tested him positive as a suspect. Sales is a career rapist and will spend the rest of his life in prison. (The Associated Press, 3/18/02)

03/16/02: Adrian Lewis Chaten, serving a 28-year term for a 1998 rape, has been charged with rape, robbery, and burglary, in a March 1996 attack in Washington. "His DNA profile had been added to a state database because of the previous conviction." If found guilty, he could face life in prison under Washington's "two strikes" law for repeat sexual offenders. (The Seattle Times, 3/16/02)

03/15/02: James Earl Patterson, a Virginia prison inmate, was executed after investigators got a "cold hit" with his genetic material added to the database more than ten years ago. Patterson, who already had been serving time for rape, would have been released by 2005 if his DNA had not matched the evidence from a previous rape and murder he had committed. Virginia is leading the way in the collection of DNA evidence with one of the nation's largest databases. (The Washington Post, 3/15/02)

03/15/02: A bicycle-riding serial rapist has been attacking people in Grand Prairie, Texas. "Police officials plan to enter DNA evidence from the assailant into the Combined DNA Index System, the FBI's genetic information database." (The Dallas Morning News, 3/15/02)

03/14/02: Clyde Charles was freed after serving nineteen years in prison for a rape he did not commit in Louisiana. The same DNA evidence convicted his brother Marlo Charles. (The Advocate, 3/14/02)

03/09/02: William E. Cosden, Jr., serving a lengthy sentence for rape in Washington, has been identified in the 1973 rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl. A 1986 blood sample and a vaginal swab taken from the victim were sent to a state crime lab, where Cosden's DNA was identified from the swab. (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/19/02)

03/02/02: Donnie Alexander Rogers has been connected to a 1998 rape in North Carolina. Police used a DNA sample obtained after Rogers was arrested in another rape case. In 2000, North Carolina officials solved more than 150 crimes by matching DNA evidence to a statewide database of more than 35,000 convicted felons. (The Charlotte Observer, 3/2/02)

03/02/02: Maryland is considering legislation that would require anyone convicted of a felony to provide a DNA sample to a state depository. Currently, all states require samples from individuals convicted of sex offenses. Legislators want to address the current backlog of evidence sitting on shelves and to expand their database. The state is also considering legislation that would require authorities to keep DNA evidence from a case as long as the person convicted of the crime is still in prison. (The Washington Post, 3/2/02)

02/26/02: Alex Virella, a Queens parolee, was arraigned on rape charges after his DNA linked him to a 1995 sex attack on a Brooklyn woman. His blood was drawn in August 2000 and not analyzed until December 2001. (New York Daily News, 2/26/02)

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