Schools and Colleges in the District

  Link   List of Elementary and Middle Schools
  Link   List of Public High Schools (PDF)
  Link   List of Private Schools
  Link   List of New York Colleges
  Link   Parent and Teachers Association
The Web site for the NY Congress of the Parents and Teachers Association includes educational resources, legislative information, organizational and events details.
  Link   Resources for NYC Parents
GoCityKids is a resource for New York City parents looking for educational activities, camps, school information, events information and more.
  Link   Grow Parent
Grow Parent is brought to NYC parents by the Department of Education and provides valuable resources and guidelines for helping children learn.
  Link   Get Involved with Your Child’s Education
The New York City Department of Education Web site offers tools and resources, calendars, and news and information about your child's schooling.
  Link   NYC School Assessments
Find out how your child's school is performing from a variety of reports provided by the New York City Department of Education.
  Link   Student Enrollment Information
The Department of Education publishes basic information on how to enroll children in the New York City school system.
  Link   How to be an NYC Teacher
Find out all you need to know about teaching in New York City schools.
  Link   Division of Teaching and Learning
Teachers can find information on curriculum and instruction, arts and special education programs, and contact information for the New York City Division.
  Link   NYC Leadership Academy
The NYC Leadership Academy is part of the City's Children First program; the academy works with principals to improve curriculum and inspire teachers and students.
  Link   NYC Teaching Fellows
The NYC Teaching Fellows is a unique program offered by the Department of Education for people who have decided to change their lives and teach in the New York schools that need teachers most.