U.S. Rep. Maloney: Census Action to Provide Homeland Security Dept. With Statistical Breakdown of Arab American Populations in United States “Damaging”

Jul 30, 2004
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY), former ranking member of the House Census Subcommittee, released the following statement today in response to a press report that the Census Bureau assisted the Department of Homeland Security in preparing tabulations of the location by zip code of concentrations of Arab Americans:

“We don’t expect this type of action from the Census Bureau, nor does it reflect the values the Bureau should have. The Census Bureau's actions will damage the ability of the Bureau to obtain the cooperation of the American people in the future and will cost the Bureau both money and the trust of the public. Director Kincannon should reconsider the Bureau’s actions given the adverse effect they will have on the Census Bureau in the future.”