Statement of Rep. Maloney on Failure of Supercommittee to Reach Deficit Deal

Nov 22, 2011
Press Release

New York, NY – U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) released the following statement today on the failure of the Congressional “supercommittee” on deficit reduction to reach a deal before the panel’s deadline this evening:

“My Democratic colleagues and I have long supported a balanced plan that would reduce the long-range deficit and strengthen our economic recovery.  I had hoped for a deal that would have created budget stability for years to come -- but this deal needed to be fair and not consist overwhelmingly of cuts to programs that the most vulnerable Americans depend on, or are needed to help create jobs now,” Maloney said.

“If we had a dollar for every partisan comment heard during this process, we would probably already have a balanced budget.  So, I will simply say that Congress needs to figure out how we can work together to reduce the deficit in a balanced way and enact elements of the President’s jobs bill before Congress recesses for the year.”