Statement of Rep. Carolyn Maloney on President Obama’s upcoming address to Congress

Aug 31, 2011
Press Release

Statement of Rep. Carolyn Maloney on President Obama’s Upcoming Address to Congress:

“I strongly support the President’s request to address a joint session of Congress next week on job creation.  The President will emphasize the importance of a balanced approach to create new jobs, through both tax credits and passing clean versions of long-overdue measures such as the transportation funding bill and an FAA-funding extension, both of which would create jobs while bolstering our nation’s infrastructure.

“I commend the President’s commitment to getting Americans back to work and I look forward to hearing his additional proposals next week.  During this time of continued economic hardship, we must not let our focus waver for even a moment from the task of creating jobs.

“I hope that the President’s address will encourage the Republican leadership in the House to finally take up a meaningful job creation agenda. After 239 days in the majority, the Republicans who are running the House have yet to offer any serious legislation to create jobs, while opposing every Democratic effort to do so.  I urge House Republicans to abandon their strict adherence to ideology and rhetoric and work with us to address the number-one issue on the minds of the American people: job creation.”