Oct 28, 1999
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "Ken Blackwell, chairman of Steve Forbes' campaign, charged in a 10/27/99 Washington Post article that George W. Bush's latest campaign ads are 'clearly misleading.' I am astounded that Mr. Blackwell would make such a choice of words after being accused by countless Census professionals of distributing a misleading message about the message.

"Given the problems we have had with Mr. Blackwell habit of disseminating a distorted, manipulative message about the 2000 Census, I am concerned that the Congressional Members of the Census Monitoring Board are holding a closed door event on an issue as important as the undercount.

"I hope that the CMBC will address the problem of the traditional census undercount of America's poor and minority communities, but it does concern me greatly that the majority of elected officials and civil rights organizations that have been involved in reaching out to hard to count communities were excluded - not even invited! - to today's event."