Statement from Rep. Maloney on Brooklyn L Train Meeting

May 16, 2018
Press Release

"I’m sorry I cannot be here in person, but I am in Washington voting.  Thank you for holding this public forum so that you can hear the concerns and suggestions of the community.  I believe it is very important to hear from the people who will be most directly impacted by this shutdown and who understand how their community will be impacted by the mitigation plan.  For residents of Brooklyn who use the L Train, a proper mitigation plan is critical – a robust plan will ensure that they can reach their jobs and other destinations in reasonable time, a weak plan will cause businesses to close and could force people to relocate."

"While I am pleased that the MTA and the DOT have been willing to meet with residents and hear what we have to say in many different forums, I am concerned that the plan still has a long way to go before it addresses the needs of this community.  We still need a lot of information – how many buses will there be on each of the routes, where exactly will the stops be, where will new bike stands be installed, what is the MTA going to do to help people in this relative transportation desert reach other subway lines.  In addition, we need sufficient traffic officers, signage to give drivers advance warning and other measures to ensure a minimum of confusion as new rules go into effect."

"I have three very specific suggestions: 1. I believe there needs to be a fourth shuttle bus route between 14th Street and Bedford Avenue. The MTA has told us that roughly 28% of L Train riders end their commute on 14th Street, and I believe there should be shuttle service that will go to the place many Northside residents want to go.  2.  I believe there should be shuttle buses between Bedford Avenue and adjacent subway lines.  Accordingly, there should be a bus between Bedford Avenue and the G train stop at Nassau Street and another bus between Bedford Avenue and the JMZ stop at Marcy Avenue. 3.  The MTA has told us that it will run 8 ferries an hour in each direction, allowing it to accommodate 1,192 people an hour in each direction.  I am concerned that during the rush hours more than 1200 people an hour will opt to use the ferries and that more ferry service will be required at rush hour.  Additionally, there should be a shuttle bus between Bedford Avenue and the ferry to make it easier for people to reach the ferry."