Statement of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) in Reaction to the MTA’s Announcement to Build a Second Avenue Subway, August 17, 1999

Aug 17, 1999
Press Release

"I am deeply frustrated to learn that the MTA is only considering a Second Avenue Subway that would end at 63rd Street. Although I am encouraged that there will most likely be money in the MTA’s Capital Plan for the new subway line, it is still clear that the MTA plan is simply inadequate. New York City needs a full length Second Avenue Subway that extends into the financial district.

"None of the MTA’s proposals address the most pressing problem: the Lower East Side. The Lower East Side is the most isolated region of New York City in proximity to the MTA subway system, and for many residents, the nearest subway is at least a half mile walk from their homes. No plan the MTA is considering will relieve the overcrowded conditions south of 42nd street. This situation will be further exacerbated when the Long Island Railroad is rerouted into Grand Central Terminal. It is estimated that more than 2000 additional commuters will pack the Lexington Avenue Line during each rush hour. As one of the most overburdened subway lines in New York, the Lexington Avenue Line will not be able to accommodate this new influx of commuters.

"I hope that the MTA will reconsider its decision not to build a full length Second Avenue Subway and that substantial funds are included for a subway line that will alleviate the stress that has and will be placed on the Lexington Avenue Line."