Rep. Maloney's Statement On New Employment Numbers

Jun 3, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) issued the following statement today the release of new Labor Department data indicating that the U.S. economy added 54,000 jobs in May, with unemployment climbing to 9.1 percent.

“While May marked the 15th month in a row of private sector job growth, with businesses creating 83,000 additional jobs, today's figures clearly show that we must do more to put Americans back to work.  Too many families continue to struggle to recover from the failed policies that propelled us into the Great Recession.  We can and must do more to create new jobs and expand opportunities for all Americans.

"Today's weak job numbers serve to underscore how fragile our recovery remains - and just how ill-conceived and badly timed are congressional Republicans’ slash-and-burn fiscal policies. It’s particularly discouraging that Republicans in Congress have failed to bring a single piece of legislation to create jobs to the House floor.  While continuing to fight for tax breaks for big oil companies and corporations that ship U.S. jobs abroad, G.O.P. ideologues are mired in brinksmanship on the debt ceiling and divisive debates on ending Medicare and eviscerating critical federal investment in our future.  It’s hardly a surprise that the U.S. government’s credit ratings may be downgraded as House Republicans continue to fan the flames of uncertainty on our economy.

“We in Congress must rededicate our energies to creating jobs with decent pay, promoting made-in-America manufacturing, and continuing to invest prudently in programs that promote job creation.  I urge all my House colleagues to work together to responsibly reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class, and grow our economy.”