Mar 18, 2004
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC - The Alliance for Retired Americans, a national organization representing three million retirees around the country, recently released its annual Congressional Voting Record, which rates Members of Congress on key votes to protect Medicare and Social Security and reflects their commitment to older Americans. New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (Queens, Manhattan) received a score of 100%.

“I am honored to receive this rating from the Alliance for Retired Americans, an organization dedicated to educating seniors and retirees on important issues facing them, such as Medicare and Social Security,” said Rep. Maloney. “The so-called prescription drug bill, forced through Congress by Republicans and signed by President Bush, is a bitter pill for America’s seniors. They know, as I do, that this bill does nothing to keep prices down, benefits insurance companies and HMOs over seniors, and will result in 2.7 million retirees losing the prescription coverage they currently have. I have long fought for the rights of seniors and I will continue to do so in the future.”

The 2003 Congressional Voting Record rated Members of the House of Representatives based on ten votes that were important to the health and economic security of seniors. It included Medicare, retiree benefits, tax breaks and issues involving family caregivers.

“This Voting Record reflects how committed many of our elected representative are to retirees and older Americans,” wrote George J. Kourpias and, President, and Edward F. Doyle, Executive Director, of the Alliance for Retired Americans in the Voting Record. “The new Medicare law was the most shocking assault on seniors during the last year. Congress passed, and President Bush signed, legislation that creates a privatized Medicare drug program that benefits insurance and pharmaceutical companies, not older Americans.”