Rep. Maloney tapped to lead House Democrats on Joint Economic Committee

Nov 21, 2014
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has been reappointed by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to serve as the Senior House Democrat on the Joint Economic Committee. The committee is tasked with reporting on the current condition of the economy and making suggestions to improve the economy. Maloney served as Chair of the Joint Economic Committee for the 111th Congress from January 2009 to January 2011 when Democrats held the majority. 

“The American people consistently say that the most important priority Congress should address is the state of the economy,” said Maloney. “We’ve got to enhance economic growth and fight to ensure that the American Dream is alive and well. We’ve got to improve the economic wellbeing of middle-class families by strengthening rights in the workplace – paid leave, a higher minimum wage.  We’ve got to do more to promote wage growth.  The Joint Economic Committee Democrats will work to find solutions to these pressing problems, and it is a great honor to lead that effort. I thank Leader Pelosi for the opportunity.”

"Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is an exceptional advocate for New Yorkers and all hardworking American families," Leader Pelosi said. "As the Ranking Democrat on the powerful Joint Economic Committee, Congresswoman Maloney brings forward-looking, inclusive, and fair-minded leadership to our continued fight to build an economy that works for everyone."

The Joint Economic Committee (JEC) is a bicameral Congressional Committee composed of ten members from each the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are ten Democrats and ten Republicans on the Committee. The JEC was established by the Employment Act of 1946 (Public Law 304).  Its main purpose is to make a continuing study of matters relating to the US economy.  The Committee holds hearings, performs research and advises Members of Congress.