Rep. Maloney Statement on Release of Lori Berenson

May 26, 2010
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney today expressed her relief that Lori Berenson has received parole after serving 15 years in a Peruvian prison:

“I am delighted that Lori has been released -- it has been a long road, and I am so glad that her ordeal is over. I am thrilled for Lori and for her family that she will now be able to begin to live her life in freedom.

“Lori’s parents live in my district and sought my help starting in 1995 when she was first arrested, and I have tried to be helpful in the effort to free her. She was initially sentenced in a trial that lacked any semblance of due process. She was retried, found innocent of terrorism and convicted of something that would not even be a crime under U.S. law. There is good reason to believe that Lori’s harsh sentence stemmed from the fact that she was an American.

“In 1997, I traveled to Peru and met Lori in prison. She was charming, idealistic and warm, but her health was badly affected by the altitude of the prison in which she was living. She has not had an easy time.”