Rep. Maloney Joins Justice for All Coalition to Demand Repairs Without Retaliation, Urges NYCHA to Implement Pilot Program to Decentralize Repairs

Jul 16, 2020
Press Release

NEW YORK, NY- Today, Congresswoman B. Maloney (NY-12) joined the Justice for All Coalition to demand that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) address the current, unacceptable state of maintenance and repairs. In addition to voicing her support for a resident who publicized her inhabitable living conditions and subsequently received a seemingly retaliatory threat of eviction, the Congresswoman also called on NYCHA to implement a pilot program that would decentralize the work order system and improve repairs.


“We all have a right to safe and healthy housing, and it is unacceptable that NYCHA residents have had to live in inhabitable conditions or file multiple work orders without ever receiving a response from NYCHA. To make matters even worse, residents fear they will face retaliatory action for demanding basic repairs from NYCHA.


“I remain committed to securing the funding that NYCHA needs to improve public housing, but the authority must act in good faith for its residents and provide critical repairs in a timely manner. For decades, NYCHA has utilized a centralized system to manage maintenance requests across all of its buildings but, this system has failed to efficiently and effectively deliver the repairs and living standards that NYCHA residents need and deserve. I am calling on NYCHA to decentralize this work order system so that repairs can be better prioritized and therefore resolved quickly. I stand in solidarity with all NYCHA residents, the Justice for All Coalition, and community leaders who are fighting for better living conditions for all those living in public housing,” said Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12).



  • NYCHA has a $31.8 billion capital backlog across nearly 2,500 buildings. This means that tenants often have to wait months — if not years — for maintenance requests to be fulfilled.


  • NYCHA receives roughly $2.3 billion a year from the federal government — $2 billion in operating funding, and $300 million for its capital program. In light of the disconnect between the federal support for NYCHA’s capital program and the feedback the Congresswoman receives from her constituents on the timeliness of maintenance for their units, the Congresswoman requested a detailed breakdown of how NYCHA uses this federal funding to resolve outstanding maintenance requests.


Full text of the letter to NYCHA Chairman Gregory Russ here.


  • The Congresswoman called on NYCHA to investigate the circumstances surrounding the resident who was threatened with a notice of eviction after exposing her apartment’s conditions, and has pledged to hold NYCHA accountable for any impropriety.


  • The Congresswoman sent two letters to NYCHA Chairman Gregory Russ formally requesting that NYCHA implement a pilot program to decentralize the work order system.


           Full text of the letters can be found here and here.


  • The Congresswoman also urged NYCHA to better protect residents during the coronavirus pandemic.


Full text of the letter to NYCHA Chairman Gregory Russ here.


  • Congresswoman Maloney introduced the Public Housing Residents Protection Act to ensure that when a public housing authority sells or leases some of its assets, that the transaction financially benefits the public housing residents of that area/development.


  • Congresswoman Maloney is an original co-sponsor of H.R. 4546, The Public Housing Emergency Response Act which would provide the $70 billion in funding necessary to remove health and safety hazards from public housing developments and service the 1.2 million families living in public housing across the country.


  • Congresswoman Maloney is also a co-sponsor of H.R. 5185, The Green New Deal for Public Housing Act which would invest up to $180 billion over ten years in in sustainable retrofits that include all needed repairs and eliminate carbon emissions in federal public housing.