Rep. Maloney Issues Her United State of Women Summit Pledge

Jun 14, 2016
Press Release

On the occasion of the first The United State of Women summit, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney issued her own pledge, below, echoing the summit’s theme that “Together we are all stronger…we can all change tomorrow.”

Congresswoman Maloney said:

“I pledge to continue to fight for all women and girls across the country; to fight for the inclusion of women in the Constitution, for equal pay for equal work, for gender equality, for preventing violence against women on campus and off, and for women who seek to lead our country in business, academia, the media and the public sector.

“It is well past time for us to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, securing women a place in the constitution and constitutional protections against discrimination. Women, whose families depend on them to contribute 40% of household incomes, deserve to be paid equally to their male counterparts. Violence against women is absolutely unacceptable, and I pledge to continuing to work with fellow lawmakers, campus leaders and law enforcement to put adequate policies in place to prevent violence, properly serve assault victims and bring their attackers to justice. Women make up half the population, and I will always fight for gender parity in pay and representation in the workforce, academia, government and in all sectors of society because it is essential to ensure the economic strength of every American household and our country.

“Together, we are all stronger, and together we can all change tomorrow.”