Rep. Maloney Hails Funding for 2nd Ave. Subway, East Side Access

Feb 13, 2012
Press Release

New York, NY – U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan, Queens) today hailed the inclusion in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal of $123 million for the Second Avenue Subway and $215 million for East Side Access.  Maloney has fought for years to secure federal funding for both transit projects, which are among the largest in the country and are located almost entirely in New York’s 14th Congressional District, which Maloney represents.

The $123 million appropriation for the Second Avenue Subway, if passed by Congress, would be the final installment of the $1.3 billion in federal funding that was committed to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) under the full-funding grant agreement governing the first phase of the project.

“The infusions of federal funding proposed by the President will help keep both projects on track for another year.  At a time when we need to continue creating jobs, I am delighted that hundreds of millions in federal funding will be headed to two of the best job-creation engines and most important infrastructure projects in the nation,” Maloney said.

“The $123 million installment for the Second Avenue Subway will complete the federal government’s $1.3 billion commitment for the subway’s first phase.  While this is wonderful news, the transportation bill recently proposed by House Republicans would put funding for future phases of the subway in doubt, which is one major reason why that bill needs to be defeated.  I thank President Obama for his leadership on mass transit when some Congressional Republicans are running the other way,” Maloney added.

Last year’s federal budget included $186,566,000 in federal funding for the Second Avenue Subway and $203,424,000 for East Side Access.  House Republicans had originally proposed severe cuts for both projects (21 percent for the Second Avenue Subway, and a 47 percent cut for East Side Access), but much of the money was restored after Maloney and her colleagues in the New York Congressional delegation intervened.

In 2009, Maloney issued a report outlining the jobs and other economic benefits created by the construction of East Side Access and the Second Avenue Subway.  Both projects are located almost entirely within Maloney’s congressional district.  Please click here for a copy of Maloney’s report. (PDF)