Rep. Maloney Denounces Constitutional Amendment to Bar Same-Sex Marriage

Jul 19, 2006
Press Release
(WASHINGTON, July 20, 2006) Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-Manhattan & Queens) delivered the following remarks in the U.S. House of Representatives today regarding H.J. Res. 88, the Republican-led effort to pass a constitutional amendment to bar same-sex marriage laws from being enacted in any state in the nation:

I rise in strong opposition to H.J. Res. 88.

Instead of spending time working on the issues that really matter to the American people, we are here debating a proposed amendment that would write discrimination into the Constitution.

We do this even after the Senate failed to pass a similar amendment.

So let’s be clear, regardless of what the vote is today, this amendment is going nowhere. 

This makes our time on this even more pointless.

What this debate really is about is dividing our country and riling up the base for a Republican party increasingly concerned about their election prospects this November.

And the Republican leadership is willing to trample on our Constitution in order to do so and no issue is worth paying such a price.

Instead of debating discrimination and dividing our country, why don’t we spend our time
working to make health care more affordable, work to lower gas prices and achieve energy independence, raise the minimum wage, cut the cost of college, or work to ensure our hardworking constituents a dignified retirement?

Why is it that my Republican colleagues who talk so much about family values refuse to allow our families to earn a livable wage, refuse to fix the prescription drug program and turn their backs on our children by raising the interest rate on all student loans?

We must resist this divisive use of this House to score a few political points.  We must reject this effort.  We need real leadership that will bring our country towards a new direction.

There is a new direction that our country must go in that will help American families and address the issues that impact them every single day.

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