Rep. Maloney Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month

May 1, 2020
Press Release

NEW YORK, NY – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) today released the following statement in recognition of Jewish American Heritage Month.

“As we recognize Jewish American Heritage Month this May, we celebrate this proud and vibrant community that has helped form the backbone of American history and continues to play a critical role in our national identity. Since the foundation of our country, Jewish Americans have made outstanding and indelible contributions to our country’s social, cultural, and scientific development. With this celebration, we must also recognize the threat of antisemitism and our shared responsibility, as a nation, to root it out of our society. 

“To combat bigotry and hate, we must be proactive, not just reactive. I believe that starts in our classrooms. That is why I authored H.R. 943, the Never Again Education Act. This bill, which passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support out of the House of Representatives, will expand the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s already impressive education programming, and require the Museum to develop and disseminate accurate, relevant, and accessible resources to teachers across the country. By providing educators with these resources, we can help them to teach about the Holocaust and the dangers of antisemitism, bigotry, and hate, and promote understanding. Children are not born with hate in their hearts; it is up to us to make sure they never learn it.”