Sep 20, 2000
Press Release
NEW YORK: U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY) applauded Manhattan residents for returning their U.S. Census forms and achieving an overall 60% response rate for New York County, topping the Census target rate for the county of 57%.

Manhattan was part of the 24% of U.S. regions that met their Census target response rate. Maloney said, "New York County residents have helped the Census achieve a national 67% Final Response Rate for Census 2000, which exceeds the 65% response rate from the 1990 census and far exceeds the 61% response rate expected for the census."

Maloney continued, "Residents of New York County should be proud that they helped reverse a three decades long trend of diminishing response rates for the U.S. Census. I think New Yorkers recognized the importance of Census returns in determining federal funding for the city's schools, health care facilities, and infrastructure. Area residents should be proud of this accomplishment. I also want to thank those who worked so hard to make Census 2000 a success, including Census staff and enumerators, local tenant organizations, civic associations, and community leaders."

The recent response rates update the Initial Response Rates that were last posted in April for more than 38,000 state, local and tribal governmental entities. They tell how many housing units returned a census questionnaire by mail, used a Be Counted form, or provided census responses over the telephone or Internet. They are a measure of cooperation by the American public. The rates confirm that the American public reversed a three-census decline in census participation by mailing back their census forms at rates that significantly exceeded those measured in 1990.

The numbers presented here represent responses received by mail, telephone or over the Internet through September 7. The Final Response Rates should not be confused with mail return rates that will be calculated and released by the Census Bureau at a later date.