Rep. Carolyn Maloney Statement on 3rd Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Mar 23, 2013
Press Release

New York, NY – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) today issued the following statement on the third anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act:

“Three years ago today the United States dramatically expanded access to health care, outlawed discrimination in health insurance coverage, and started to bring down costs across the healthcare system by passing the Affordable Care Act.

“Now, 160,000 more young adults in New York have health coverage under their parents’ policies; seniors in our state have saved $407.7 million on prescription drug costs; and nearly 1.5 million Medicare beneficiaries are now receiving free preventive services.

“Just as important, insurance companies are finally being held accountable. Lifetime limits on health insurance coverage are now outlawed; insurers will be prohibited from charging women higher premiums than men, simply on the basis of gender; and the dreaded words “denied coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition” can be put in the dustbin of history.

“I’m proud to have supported The Affordable Care Act and I look forward to celebrating more milestones and anniversaries in the years ahead.”