Remarks of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Press Conference with Queen Noor of Jordan

Sep 28, 1999
Press Release
I would like to thank Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan for making her first official visit to Capitol Hill today. Queen Noor has been a exemplary and admirable leader of the campaign to eradicate landmines. I am honored that she has chosen to bring her compassion for this issue to our nation's Capitol today. And I sincerely hope Her Majesty's visit will convince my colleagues beyond a doubt to support funding for persons tragically hurt by anti-personal landmines.

More than 60 countries are infested with landmines - - 60 countries where men and women, adults and children are at risk of being killed or maimed. Every 20 minutes, another life is devastated by an antipersonnel landmine. Landmines are the worst indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction. A landmine can not tell the difference between the footfall of a soldier or a child at play.

The proliferation of mines is a global and man-made epidemic. It is also an American problem, having affected over 100,000 Americans. Fewer than ten percent of landmine victims in America have access to proper medical treatment and rehabilitation. Even fewer enjoy the necessary support to effectively return to the social and economic mainstream. And yet, the United States has yet to sign the Mine Ban Treaty Act.

I hope that today, with the support and leadership of Queen Noor, we will convince our colleagues in Congress that we have no choice but to do what is humane. We must defend the voices of landmine survivors who do not have the opportunity or ability to speak for themselves.

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