Reaction of Rep. Carolyn Maloney to the President’s speech on Health Care to the Joint Session of Congress

Sep 9, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON-- Rep. Carolyn Maloney offered remarks after the President Obama's speech to the Joint Session tonight:

"President Obama made an eloquent and specific case for health care reform tonight. He made it clear that he won't sign a bill that forces consumers to switch health care coverage and doctors they like-- or that adds to the deficit. His plan will require insurance companies to accept customers regardless of pre-existing conditions. And none of these reforms will put Medicare at risk; seniors will continue to obtain under that government-run program with a very high satisfaction rate. I believe the House will pass these reforms—including a 'public option'—and that we will have made a giant leap forward on what the late Senator Kennedy described as 'that great unfinished business of our society.' "