President Clinton Proposes Plan Similar to Maloney Child Care Act Bill Would Give Tax Credit to Employers

Jan 7, 1998
Press Release
The President today announced his support for the Child Care Infrastructure Act (H.R. 1706) which Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney introduced, along with Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, in May of last year.

The Act would provide a tax credit for half of all business expenditures made to provide on or near-site child care facilities. The maximum tax credit is $150,000.

Anyone who has tried to find quality day care for their children knows the search can be exhaustive. And many who have tried to live on a single income, have found it impossible. Employer sponsored day care is a great alternative for everyone. Both parents can remain in the work force. And employers enjoy a reduced rate of absenteeism, increased productivity, and a more loyal staff.

"Both parents must work to support today's families, and, while their income is sometimes doubled, the children suffer for lack of attention and care. On site care brings peace of mind for parents, and a place where children will be looked after, not too far from mom or dad," remarked Maloney. "More and more it's becoming a necessity rather than a luxury."

A companion bill, sponsored by Senator Herb Kohl, passed the Senate with 72 votes last year.