Jun 11, 2002
Press Release

NEW YORK: The U.S. Department of Transportation will release federal funds to the MTA this week for the long-awaited Second Avenue subway and for the extension of the Long Island Railroad into Grand Central Station - a project known as "East Side Access" - according to Transportation Department documents released today.

The funds to be released by the Department of Transportation include $4.98 million for the Second Avenue subway for the preliminary engineering phase of the project and $14.96 million for East Side Access for the final design of the project and to begin construction of some of its elements.

"These funds mark a milestone in the long effort to construct and complete these projects," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (NY) who has been instrumental in securing funds for the projects in Congress with her colleagues in the House and Senate. "The Second Avenue subway and East Side Access are the two mass transit projects most needed in this region. The Second Avenue subway simply will not become a reality without federal support, so I'm thrilled to have helped to secure these funds - the first ever provided by the federal government for the Second Avenue subway. The Second Avenue subway is needed to relieve overcrowding on the Lex line and reach underserved areas, and it is also a key element in the revitalization of New York after September 11th. The federal funds for this project help build a critically needed subway line and they also invest in a new and stronger New York City in the wake of the destructive terrorist attacks."

Commenting on East Side Access, Maloney said, "This is a project that will help thousands of commuters from Queens, by adding a subway stop in Sunnyside at Queens Boulevard near Skillman Avenue. It will make the trip to the East Side of Manhattan and to lower Manhattan more efficient for commuters and residents of Queens as well."

Also, on May 23, Rep. Maloney submitted testimony at a public hearing held by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, regarding the blatant exclusion of the Second Avenue subway in the LMDC's preliminary proposal for the future of Lower Manhattan. Recognizing the importance of the Second Avenue subway for the renewal of Lower Manhattan Rep. Maloney stated, "The Second Avenue subway is an essential element of the continued economic growth of New York City and should be considered an integral part of the development of lower Manhattan."