Maloney: terrorists plotting against New York arrested as GOP forces Homeland Security Department shutdown

Feb 26, 2015
Press Release
Immigration fight jeopardizing national security

WASHINGTON– At the same time as three men were arrested in Brooklyn for plotting to aid the Islamic State and possibly launch attacks in the U.S., Republicans in Washington are holding up funding for the Homeland Security Department. Unless Congress passes legislation in the next two days, nearly 12,000 law enforcement officials, disaster response officials, and other DHS personnel in New York will stop receiving a paycheck, and important operations of the department will be shuttered.

Maloney spoke out on the House floor: “I find it scandalous that the Islamic terrorists are fully funded yet the Department of Homeland Security that protects our citizens may not be. Mr. Speaker, the Republicans are playing politics with the security of the American people and the American people deserve better. They are willing to burden this entire country with all the dangers and disruptions that a funding lapse would bring. They are willing to shut down funding for the security in the New York City rail system, communications equipment in Los Angeles, bomb sniffing dogs in Massachusetts and firefighter positions across this nation, just so they can put on another hollow pointless political show.”

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has voted three times in support of a clean DHS funding bill, free of contentious policy riders aimed at undermining the President’s executive actions on immigration. Republicans defeated each effort on a party line vote, setting the stage for a partial government shutdown in March.

Without action in the next two days, the bulk of DHS’s management and support of the homeland security infrastructure that was built following the 9/11 terrorist attacks would be shuttered.  Law enforcement officials, border patrol agents, disaster response officials, counterterrorism experts and other DHS personnel would either be furloughed or required to work without pay.

Consequences of a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security include: closing the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, which would no longer alert and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies, and withholding the Securing the Cities grants that pay for critical nuclear detection capabilities in cities across the country; halting Research and Development work on countermeasures to devastating biological threats, on nuclear detection equipment, and on cargo and passenger screening technologies; crippling FEMA’s preparations for future disasters, furloughing 22 percent of FEMA personnel; and ending FEMA training activities with local law enforcement for Weapons of Mass Destruction events.

Video from house floor via YouTube: