Sep 12, 2001
Press Release

NEW YORK: Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-Manhattan, Queens) issued the following statement today:

"My thoughts today and in the coming weeks are with all those in my beloved city whose lives have been affected by the tragedy in lower Manhattan. I join everyone in our city in praying for our many friends who are missing and injured and for their loved ones.

"It is an honor everyday to serve in the House of Representatives as a representative of the greatest city in the world. As soon as I learned of the attacks on the Trade Center, I drove to Manhattan to be with my family and offer assistance to my friends and neighbors. My heart is warmed by the response of our city - the rescue workers, the medical response teams, the orderly evacuation of lower Manhattan by the people who work and live there and the thousands who have gone to blood donor centers.

"All New Yorkers will forever remember the bravery of the rescue workers who rushed into lower Manhattan as the Trade Center towers burned. It is apparent that many hundreds of these firefighters, cops and medical personnel may be among the thousands now unaccounted for. We in the city witness countless selfless acts by these heroes on a daily basis. Today we are awed by their response to the tragedy and heartbroken by their fate.

"The victims at the Pentagon and of the air highjackings are also in our thoughts and prayers.

"We are the most diverse city in the world but today we are united as one. We stand squarely with the President, our Governor and Mayor and pledge to bring the perpetrators of these horrific acts to justice."