Maloney statement on Senate passage of Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act

May 15, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, today issued the following statement upon Senate passage of the Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012:

“I'm delighted that Republicans in the Senate have stopped their obstruction of the Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act and joined with the Senate majority to pass the bill and send it to the President for his signature.

“The Ex-Im Bank is crucial to help speed the progress of economic growth-- financing some $1.7 billion in export sales in my district alone over the past five years, supporting directly or indirectly over 125 businesses. Nationwide, the bank has provided $32.7 billion in export sales and supports 290,000 jobs across the country, all at no expense to the American taxpayer.

“This three-year authorization will make a difference for America, and I'm glad it has finally passed.”