Maloney Statement on SCOTUS Decision in Census Case

Jun 27, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), co-chair of the House Census Caucus and sponsor of the 2020 Census IDEA Act, released the following statement after the Supreme Court issued its ruling today in Department of Commerce v. New York.

“Today is a very good day for our nation and our democracy. The Supreme Court’s ruling confirmed what we have been saying all along – the Trump Administration’s claim that they needed the citizenship question to better enforce the voting rights act was a lie.

“And the Court’s unanimous decision to remand this back to Commerce is itself a stunning rebuke to Sec. Ross and the entire partisan structure he erected to hide his illegal and immoral abuse of the census.

“But, the fight does not end today. While the citizenship question is blocked from the 2020 Census for now, the Administration still has time to present new reasoning and to get the question approved by the lower courts. So, while we celebrate this victory for now, we need to continue to keep our eyes on making sure every single person living in this country is counted.

“The importance of counting every person cannot be overstated, which is why I am working with my colleagues and with community groups on the ground in New York to make sure we fulfill our Constitutional duty.

“New York alone receives $73 billion per year based on census data for critical and lifesaving programs. Businesses, large and small, rely on census data in deciding how to effectively and efficiently grow their businesses and with it, the American economy and our communities. And of course, census data are used to assign seats in the House of Representatives, apportion votes in the Electoral College, and draw legislative districts at every level of government. It is literally the backbone of our democracy. We cannot afford to get it wrong and we will not let this partisan sabotage win.”

“Today’s decision – coupled with the ongoing litigation in Maryland – is a huge and welcome victory for all of us – for those of us in Congress and communities across America who have been battling to save the census – but more importantly for everyone in America since we have a right to be counted.