Maloney Statement on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Jan 11, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12), co-chair and cofounder of the Human Trafficking Caucus, released the following statement today in observance of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

“It is completely unacceptable that in 2018, modern-day slavery exists anywhere in the world, but especially here in the U.S.. Human trafficking is a $150 billion illegal industry, but traffickers are largely able to perpetrate their heinous crimes in the shadows and out of reach of law enforcement. Since I came to Congress, eradicating human trafficking has been a top priority for me. I am proud to have helped lead landmark legislative efforts to support survivors and provide law enforcement with resources to find and bring to justice human traffickers, pimps and Johns.

“So today, on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I reaffirm my commitment to fighting human trafficking everywhere it exists. We have made great strides in working to combat trafficking and punish the real criminals - the traffickers and pimps who buy and sell men, women and children. But we have much more to do. We must put a stop to the impunity with which internet sites like have been allowed to advertise trafficking victims. We must pass the End Banking for Human Traffickers Act so that traffickers cannot use our financial institutions to launder their profits and my Human Trafficking Fraud Enforcement Act that will provide resources to the IRS enabling the agency to target traffickers for tax evasion, much like they targeted and ultimately apprehended the mobster Al Capone.”

“I also plan to reintroduce my Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act which would require businesses to publicly disclose their policies to monitor and remove human trafficking from their supply chains.

“I promise that I will continue to fight to ensure that human trafficking, domestically and abroad, in all its forms, is finally eradicated, that perpetrators are brought to justice, and that survivors are given the assistance they need to rebuild their lives with dignity.”