Maloney Statement on Conclusion of Senate Impeachment Trial

Feb 13, 2021
Press Release

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) released the following statement after 57 Senators voted to find former President Donald Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection. As a two-thirds majority is needed to convict in a Senate impeachment trial, the former President was acquitted.


“Just over five weeks ago, our Capitol was seized, and our democracy halted by insurrectionists incited by former President Trump. At his behest, a mob desecrated the seat of our democracy with Confederate flags, wearing shirts extolling Nazism and the Holocaust, chanting that they wanted to murder the former Vice President.


“The facts of that day are incontrovertible, which is why this was the most bipartisan impeachment of a president in our nation’s history – in both the House and Senate. The House did our job to approve the Article of Impeachment and I am proud of my colleagues, the House Managers led by Congressman Jamie Raskin, who presented a strong, clear case for conviction.


“When presented with the facts, 43 Republican Senators still chose to put Donald Trump above the American people. This trial was about standing up for our democracy and the future of this nation – and they caved to a would-be despot.


“Of course, I am disappointed in the final results of this vote, but I want the American people to remember that this was a strong, bipartisan vote to impeach and convict former President Trump of his crimes.”