Maloney statement on Chattanooga shooting

Jul 17, 2015
Press Release

NEW YORK –Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) today issued the following statement today on the fatal shootings at the Naval Operational Support Center and at an Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Chattanooga, which left four Marines dead:

“In yet another act of gun violence and domestic terrorism, American lives were needlessly cut short, and the hearts of all Americans ache with sadness. I pray not just for the families and friends of the victims, but also that our country might find a way to move beyond this violence and achieve a society where we can live in peace with each other.

“In the coming days we will learn more about how this crime happened, how the weapons were attained, and the motivations of the killer. What is already abundantly clear is that our nation’s permissive gun laws allow a level of carnage that other countries do not suffer. Each act of terror gives us temporary pause, as we stop to contemplate how such viciousness happens in a civilized society. But our shared sadness over these tragedies must inspire us to make real changes that will prevent them. What is needed in the weeks ahead is a newfound resoluteness and strength to do what is right. We must take concrete actions that protect innocent lives from the massacres that are to come if we do nothing at all.

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen the phenomenon of the lone shooter – the single individual who acquires weapons and tries to kill as many people as possible.  From home grown murderers like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Dylann Roof or James Holmes, to international incidents such as the terrorist attacks in France, Kuwait and Tunisia that took place on a single day, we see that one person with murderous intent can take many lives.  In our country, it is just too easy for a person bent on murder to obtain guns.  It is time to make it harder for dangerous people to get a gun.”