Maloney statement on October jobs report

Nov 2, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), senior member of the House Financial Services Committee and immediate past Chair of the Joint Economic Committee, offered the following statement on today’s jobs report:   

"The 32nd consecutive month of job creation—171,000 jobs created in October, with an additional 84,000 added to the previous two months’ estimates—shows that ongoing progress is being made in regaining the jobs lost during the recession. Much remains to be done, however.

“Both sides of the aisle in the House and the Senate must work together to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ to eliminate uncertainty in Washington and put this recovery on firmer ground.

“Today’s numbers show that while continuing progress has again been made, much more remains to be done. President Obama and House and Senate Democrats stand ready to support investments in our infrastructure, assist small business, and cuts in taxes for the middle class.”