Maloney statement of "no" vote on debt ceiling hike

Aug 2, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC-- Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney issued the following statement after voting "no" on S. 365, the bill which would raise the debt ceiling and make massive cuts over ten years to the federal budget:

     "If this had been a clean vote to raise the debt ceiling, I would have supported it-- as I have in the past, and as our nation has done 78 times since 1960.

    "But this was far from a clean vote. The cuts were too large, there were no revenues, no plan for job creation, and thus it was an unbalanced approach to the deficit problem.

    "Although cuts to Medicare and Medicaid were averted in the first round of cuts, the 'sequestration trigger' could include cuts to Medicare providers which would hurt my district, and could ultimately hurt Medicare recipients as well.

    "What's more, making such large budget cuts now, in the midst of a struggling recovery will lead to a further loss of jobs-- at a time when there are already five Americans out of work for every one job opening. This deal makes things worse; it would slow economic growth.

    "The process by which this deal was reached was no less ugly. This issue was taken hostage by the most extreme parts of the Republican Party, who put forward non-negotiable demands, which is not how democracy works.

    "By refusing to even consider closing tax loopholes and ending special-interest subsidies, the Republicans made clear who should pay for their extreme agenda: those who can least afford it.

    "I will not be a party to a plan which is likely to hurt the interests of my district, my city and my country as it struggles to emerge from the worst economic crisis since the Depression.”