Jul 25, 2000
Press Release

Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), Ranking Member of the Census subcommittee released the following statement on the Republican Majority's allegations of procedural violations and fraud in several Local Census Offices.

"Chairman Miller has written to me, and a number of other Members of Congress, alleging that procedures may not have been properly followed by Census 2000 workers in my district and 15 other districts. Relying on data provided to the Subcommittee by the Census Bureau, the Majority makes the argument that Local Census Offices that finished non-response follow-up early may have violated procedures.

"I take such allegations very seriously. The Bureau's procedures are designed to insure data of the highest quality, and any deviation from procedures should be investigated and corrected, as in fact the Bureau has already done this in a number of instances. Even though the number of cases questioned by the Majority represents less than one percent of respondents nationwide, every office must be held to exacting standards, and Members of Congress deserve an explanation of any anomalies. If the Bureau has not already done so, it should look into the allegations made by Chairman Miller and correct legitimate problems as quickly as possible.

"While I am concerned about these allegations, I am also concerned with the way they have been made. To allege that procedures have been violated is one thing. To make allegations of fraud is quite another, and after reviewing the documents provided carefully, I have seen no evidence of widespread fraud.

"In addition, if the Majority wanted to insure that accuracy of the Census they should have brought their concerns to the Census first, as soon as possible, not presented them to the press first and the Census Bureau second. If they wanted to find out if their allegations have any substance they should have presented them to the Bureau a week ago and then gone ahead with the oversight hearing scheduled for tomorrow. This unfortunate exchange of press conferences and releases could easily have been avoided. What we have instead is the equivalent of 'Statistical McCarthyism'-- allegations without proof.

"I would hope that the Majority would reconsider and go ahead with the tomorrow's planned hearing so that everyone can hear the facts and make a judgement as to the quality of their Census."