Maloney Secures $4 Million for East River Green Energy Project

Aug 3, 2007
Press Release
WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) today announced that she helped secure $4 million to help Verdant Power harness the tides of New York’s East River and generate environmentally-friendly “hydrokinetic energy.”  Maloney secured the funding the Fiscal Year 2008 Defense Appropriations bill that passed the House today.  The bill now heads to the Senate for its approval. 

“The government should be doing everything it can to promote and support sources of clean, renewable energy,” said Maloney.  “I was pleased to secure funding for a local energy project with such tremendous promise.”

Verdant Power uses giant turbines to turn the East River’s powerful rushing tides into clean, renewable hydrokinetic energy - much like windmills are used to create power.  The energy generated by the giant turbines is then channeled through wires to a central control unit and eventually to the existing electricity grid. 

Tides are a constantly flowing source of renewable energy, so hydrokinetic power provides a predictable and reliable electricity supply.  The turbines operate on the river floor, allow for safe fish passage, and don’t interfere with river traffic.

The Verdant Power project is still in early development.  Once fully developed, it could generate enough electricity to power more than 8,000 homes.  A local grocery store has already started using Verdant Power.