Mar 17, 2000
Press Release
NEW YORK -- Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), a long-time supporter of a full-build Second Avenue Subway, saluted Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's recent decision to hold up the New York State budget unless the MTA's Capital Plan includes a commitment to a full-build Second Avenue Subway.

"New Yorkers are herded like cattle on the Lexington Avenue line. There is an outcry out for a full-build Second Avenue Subway. Bold and decisive actions, like those the Speaker took this week, may be the only way to send the message to the MTA and Governor Pataki that a full-length Second Avenue Subway is essential to ease the transportation crunch on the East Side," said Maloney. "This is a critical moment for the Governor and the MTA. Without a Capital Plan, receiving crucial federal funding will be nearly impossible. The Subway will not receive federal funding unless the state puts its full support behind a plan and comes to Washington asking for support for the plan."

Maloney also stated, "With the recent explosion of building on the East Side, ridership is overwhelming the current infrastructure. A Second Avenue Subway is needed more than ever. There is an opportunity to make a real commitment to a project whose time has come."

The Lexington Avenue Line is already 40%-60% over capacity. With the introduction of the Long Island Railroad into Grand Central Terminal in 2009 (East Side Access), 6,000 additional commuters will be added to Lexington Avenue line during the peak morning hours. Maloney said, "The MTA's 'stubway' from 125th Street to 63rd Street does not take riders where they need to go-to jobs in Midtown or Wall Street. It doesn't serve the underserved communities in Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Stuy Town, or the Lower East Side. Their plan falls far short of what is actually needed and their own numbers show that the 'stubway' would serve only five percent of the passengers who use the Lexington Avenue Line. We say 'No Way' to the 'stubway.' A full-build Second Avenue Subway is the only solution."