Apr 16, 1997
Press Release
After last night’s helicopter crash at the 60th Street Heliport, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) released the following statement:

  “This terrible tragedy is a perfect demonstration of why we need helicopter regulations in the city.  We’re just lucky this helicopter landed in the water and not in the streets.

“We’ve already had several deaths in the City because of helicopter accidents.  Now we have one more.  How many deaths will it take before the FAA regulates helicopters?

“Rep. Nadler and I held a meeting with FAA officials and community members two weeks ago to call on them to act as quickly as possible to issue strong regulations limiting helicopter flights over the city to prevent a tragedy like this from happening.  I will be meeting with the FAA again in the next few weeks in Washington to continue that dialogue.  After this devastating accident, I hope the FAA will expedite their efforts to implement helicopter regulations.

“Manhattan’s heliports have plagued residents with helicopter noise and quality of life problems for several years. In addition to their anxiety over the noise pollution generated by the helicopters, the residents’ greatest fear has been that a helicopter could crash on the heavily populated streets and buildings.

“New York is a noisy and crowded place.  The helicopters flying over our streets just add to that noise and confusion.  There has to be a way to limit the number of flights, particularly tourist flights which account for 50% of all flights over the city.”