Maloney Reacts to Change in L Train Plans

Jan 3, 2019
Press Release

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) released the following statement regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement regarding the L Train:

"I want to congratulate Governor Cuomo for trying to find ways to use innovative technology and reduce the impact of L Train repairs on New Yorkers. My constituents have been dreading the L Train shutdown.  The complete loss of the L Train would have caused long commuting delays and big disruptions for my constituents, so a plan that would enable the L Train to keep running should be very good news.  On the other hand, when this project was first proposed, people rejected the idea of a long, drawn out closure in favor of a shorter, painful one with lots of alternative modes of transportation to help people reach their destinations.  This new plan should be better than the original proposed 36-month shutdown, but we are left with many unanswered questions.

"It's clear that the MTA is still working out the details, and there's a lot they are still figuring out.  We need to know the true duration of the project, the mitigation that the MTA will put in place to help people reach their destinations at night and on weekends, the impact on communities, the cost of the project, the feasibility, the regulatory hurdles and a host of other matters.  I am pleased that the MTA will be holding four hearings, two in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn so that people can hear from the MTA and ask their questions. I am concerned that the MTA's desire to stick to the original start time at the end of April will not give it enough time to work out all the pitfalls.  Nights and weekends are when people come to patronize many businesses along the L Train route, particularly in Northern Brooklyn where there is no alternative subway, and I am concerned that a full closure at nights and on weekends without sufficient mitigation will hurt businesses severely. I hope the MTA will work to make this a collaborative process as it has up to this point, that they will listen to our concerns, and that they will be able to adjust their new plan to minimize the impact on people's lives."


Congresswoman Maloney represents communities served by the L Train in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The federal government is providing roughly $700 million of the cost of the L Train repairs.  It is still not clear what the cost of the new project will be, but the Governor indicated that it would be within the projected cost of the original project.