Maloney: Private-Sector Employment Up in NY in June Unemployment Edges Down, Earnings Edge Up

Jul 23, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Joint Economic Committee (JEC) Ranking Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) Thursday said the State of New York added 24,200 private-sector jobs in June for a total gain of 152,500 over the past year, while unemployment was down 0.2 percentage point from May for an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. The data were included in monthly State-by-State Snapshots of leading economic indicators in all 50 states, which the JEC compiles each month.

 Average hourly earnings in New York, adjusted for inflation, increased by just 0.3 percent in the past year to $28.42 an hour for private-sector workers. Average New York weekly earnings for June were $957.75.

“This month’s economic snapshots show steady and solid gains in employment and in earnings for New York and most of the country, as we have seen for the last several years,” Maloney said. “But we know that not everyone who wants to work full time is able to find a job. The only thing that will move New York and our country toward full employment is investment – investment in infrastructure, in education and in research. We can and will do better.”

Nationally, private-sector employment increased in 27 states in June, while unemployment fell in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

 New York posted the highest number of private-sector job gains in June of any state except California, which added 25,700 jobs. For private-sector job gains over the past year, New York ranked fourth behind California, Florida and Texas.

New York’s unemployment rate tied for 28th among all 50 states for June.