Maloney Joins Democrats in Unveiling Tough Legislation to Curb Congressional Corruption

Jan 19, 2006
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC - Yesterday, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-Manhattan, Queens ) joined her Democratic colleagues in unveiling a tough new plan to end the corrupt practices that have flourished under the Republican leadership of Congress.  House and Senate Democrats unveiled their "Honest Leadership, Open Government" plan at the Library of Congress, flanked by an audience of groups dedicated to protecting the public trust.

"The Republican Congress has been a feeding frenzy for lobbyists," said Maloney .  "Republicans have been serving special interests rather than the American people.  We Democrats are determined to end the culture of corruption in Washington ."

Specifically, the Democratic plan will:

  • Ban all gifts and travel from lobbyists;End the so-called "K Street Project," in which corporations and lobbying firms had to hire Republicans in order to maintain their political access;
  • Require lobbyists to make more detailed and frequent disclosures of their activities;
  • Double the amount of time members and senior staff are prohibited from lobbying, and keep former members who are lobbyists off the floor of Congress;
  • Eliminate irresponsible no-bid contracts and ensure that the government contracting process is honest, open, competitive and fair;
  • Prohibit cronyism by making sure individuals appointed to key positions have relevant and proven credentials.

"These reforms will be strong medicine for a government infected by the likes of Abramoff, "Brownie" and Halliburton," Maloney added.  "Voters are demanding change and rightly so.  Our bill is a good first step towards restoring Americans' trust in government."

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