Maloney Introduces Bill to Protect Public Housing Residents

Dec 17, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) today introduced the Public Housing Residents Protection Act, legislation that will ensure that if and when a public housing authority decides to lease or sell any of its assets, that these transactions must financially benefit the residents of that public housing communities and the authority overall. The housing authorities must demonstrate these benefits providing the actual dollar figures of the transaction and its own cost-benefit analysis.

“Public Housing Authorities across the country should be making decisions with the same top priority: putting the residents’ best interests above all else. The Public Housing Residents Protection Act will ensure that public housing residents actually see direct benefits of decisions made by these agencies and also improve transparency. The interests of public housing residents must be protected and guaranteed by law.”

The Public Housing Residents’ Protection Act will:

  1. Ensure that when a public housing authority sells or leases any of its assets, the sale financially benefits those public housing residents, and the operational budgets of the authority, and that those benefits will be exhausted before the private company is able to sell or offer any derivative services to the rest of the market for a profit.
  2. Ensure that the authority provide a certification before selling or leasing any asset, that shows in quantifiable terms how that sale or lease will financially benefit the residents or the authority’s budget. The authority’s analysis must be auditable and provide specific financial information on the individual transactions.