MALONEY ENCOURAGED BY EARLY CENSUS RESPONSE RATES--Urges New Yorkers and All Americans to Complete Their Forms Today

Mar 29, 2000
Press Release
WASHINGTON--- Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, Ranking Democrat on the Census Subcommittee today praised Americans for completing the census questionnaire and urged Americans who have not filled out the form to do so soon.

"Completing the decennial census is one of the most important acts of citizenship an American can perform", Rep. Maloney said. The Census Bureau has developed a user-friendly system to provide daily access to response rates from every state, county, and local jurisdiction in the United States. "As of March 28th, more than 44% of Americans have completed their form., an important benchmark in our quest for an accurate and affordable census. This is a hopeful sign that the efforts of the Census Bureau and local communities across the nation are beginning to pay dividends. We must continue our efforts to encourage people to complete and send in their questionnaires to ensure that the remaining 56% of Americans are counted accurately," Maloney commented.

Maloney also added special praise for the NewYorkers who have completed their census forms. "New Yorkers who have completed their form should be proud of their efforts. I am hopeful other New Yorkers will finish filling out their forms as soon as possible." Maloney said.

Maloney also praised the Census Bureau for their data collection efforts and the innovative use of their website to provide daily updates, "I am extremely impressed that the professionals at the Census Bureau are accurately counting millions of Americans each day and that they are able to provide daily updates of the current response rate in jurisdictions across the nation." Maloney said.

For daily updates on the response rate, please visit the Census Bureau's website and click on the 'Initial Response Rate' Link.