Maloney: During Holiday Season, Child Tax Credit Put $13.2 Million in Tax Cuts Back In NY-12 Families’ Pockets

Nov 29, 2021
Press Release
Child Tax Credit Tax Cuts are Helping Hardworking Families afford Gas, Groceries During the Holidays

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), highlighted a new report from the Joint Economic Committee estimating that 46,000 Child Tax Credit monthly tax cuts were sent to families in the NY-12 Congressional District the week before Thanksgiving. A total of $13.2 million in tax cuts went back in the pockets of hardworking New York families, covering 52,000 NY-12 children.


“The expanded Child Tax Credit is putting more of hardworking New York families’ own money back in their pockets,” said Rep. Maloney. “Hundreds of dollars in tax cuts for NYC families means extra money to pay for childcare, gas in the car for that trip to Grandma’s house, or money to make holiday gatherings extra special.”


Across New York, 2,012,000 monthly tax cuts went to families in November for a total of $847.2 million. The average payment per household was $421.


And all over the country, the Treasury Department distributed nearly $16 billion to the hardworking families of over 61 million children.


Click HERE to learn more about the Joint Economic Committee’s study on how the Child Tax Credit is supporting local economies nationwide.