Apr 25, 2000
Press Release
Today, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, (D -NY) Ranking Democrat on the Census Subcommittee, demanded that Jim Nicholson and the Republican National Committee stop the shameless use of the Census to raise funds for the RNC and asked the US Postal service to investigate the solicitation. Below is her Statement:

"At a time when we are engaged in a once a decade civic ceremony, the RNC, in a shameful attempt to capitalize on our national count, is soliciting funds under the banner of the Census. Given that the leadership of the Republican party, including Majority Leader Lott, Speaker Hastert, and Governor George W. Bush, have each trivialized the importance of the Census by essentially declaring the Census optional, it is totally outrageous that the RNC would further trivialize it by using the Census to raise money. I demand that Jim Nicholson immediately stop this deceptive mailing.

"I find it ironic that the RNC would declare in their letter that they want to '. . . get a statistically reliable sampling of our Party,' but have fought tooth and nail to deny America the statistical information it needs by trying to stop the use of modern statistical methods in the 2000 Census.

"Since the RNC's history on the Census has been so shameful, I am asking the Postal Service to review this solicitation, as it did the earlier solicitation of the Republicans' anti-sampling lawyer Matt Glavin. I hope that the Postal Service will be able to stop the threatened 5.5 million additional 'Census' solicitations."

Copies of the solicitation letter are available by calling the office of Rep. Maloney at (202) 225-7944.