Apr 9, 2003
Press Release

Washington, DC - Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), former Ranking member of the House subcommittee on the Census, introduced H.R. 1619, the "Census of Americans Abroad Act" last week.

"Regrettably, students, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, and private citizens abroad are not counted while federal employees and military personnel are," said Rep. Maloney in a statement today. She continued, "The major organizations representing United States companies and citizens overseas overwhelmingly support counting all Americans residing abroad. These citizens greatly contribute to our economy, strengthen U.S. influence around the globe, and create more jobs in the United States - our goal is to learn how to count them and if we can include them in the 2010 decennial census."


There are approximately three to six million private American citizens living and working overseas, and many of American goods, because they traditionally buy American, sell American, and create business opportunities for American companies and workers. The legislation would require a test census in 2004. The goal of the legislation is to include all of these missed citizens in the 2010 decennial census if possible.


Other cosponsors include: McNulty (D-NY) and Petri (R-WI).

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