Apr 3, 2000
Press Release
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, (D -NY) Ranking Democrat on the Census Subcommittee, issued the following statement on the "report" released today by the Southeastern Legal Foundation:

"First, Matt Glavin and his Republican friends said they opposed using modern science to get an accurate count."

Then last week, they told Americans they didn't believe in old methods by advising Americans that the Census was optional and that every question didn't have to be answered.

Now we get to the truth, they want to abolish the Census Bureau. Next, I expect that they'll want to amend the Constitution to do away with the Census entirely and let the Republican Leadership decide what the Census results should look like.

It's not new to have extremists like Matt Glavin attacking the Census. What is new, is that, for the first time, Republican elected officials -- including the Majority Leader of the Senate, Senator Lott and candidate for President George Bush are joining in. It is the equivalent of statistical vandalism.

I am afraid I don't quite understand what these conservative Republicans are complaining about. These are basically the same long form questions approved by President Reagan and President Bush, except this time there are fewer questions"