Maloney calls on Republicans to end Planned Parenthood and Benghazi witch hunts and to focus on governing

Oct 1, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) today called on House Republicans to end their so called “investigations” of Planned Parenthood and Benghazi, citing statements from those in leadership, revealing that both endeavors are politically motivated:

“That Republicans are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on witch hunts is hardly surprising, but the fact that they brazenly admit it should be. They openly say Planned Parenthood didn’t break the law, and they admit that the Benghazi investigation is all about electing a Republican President. And in the process, every major need taxpayers actually care about is being unmet. It’s time to get back to the business of governing and end these ridiculous inquisitions.

“Six states have investigated Planned Parenthood and found no wrongdoing. The Chairman of the Oversight Committee says he’s got no evidence of anything unlawful. Planned Parenthood is the health care provider chosen by 2.7 million Americans, and in many cases they are the only option for women in need. It is an outrage that this important organization has been put on trial. We should stand with and praise Planned Parenthood for the important work they are doing, and focus any investigation on the creator of this deceitful and misleading anti-Planned Parenthood propaganda.”