Maloney applauds Obama executive actions to improve background check system and encourage smart gun technology

Jan 5, 2016
Press Release
Congresswoman authored bills to close gun show loophole and phase in smart guns

NEW YORK – Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY12) today released the following statement in reaction to President Obama’s executive actions to reduce gun violence:

“Americans are tired of killing. They’re tired of our streets, schools, churches and other public spaces being treated as war zones. And they’re tired of the NRA’s carry-a-gun or be killed mentality that has led to tens of thousands gun deaths each year.

“President Obama is taking appropriate action to require more gun sellers to have a Federal Firearms License, thereby expanding background checks. This will help close the gun show loophole, but my legislation, which would require background checks for all gun sales at gun shows, would give the administration the authority it needs to do more. Private sales without background checks need to be eliminated so that we can stem the flow of guns to criminals.

“President Obama is also working to promote smart gun technology. The private sector has already created guns that can only be fired by authorized users. This technology has been fought by right-wing extremists, who oppose any gun safety efforts. By supporting research and procurement of smart guns, the President is helping to improve the development and use of this technology. Every year more children die from gunshot wounds than cancer. Smart guns can stop many of these accidental deaths. The only thing standing in the way is the NRA, and its supporters.”

“I applaud President Obama for using his existing authorities to address gun violence, but it is time for Congress to do its job and protect the American people. It is a disgrace that more hasn’t been done, and many more will needlessly die if something doesn’t change.”



On Tuesday, President Obama announced several executive actions to combat gun violence, including:

-New guidance from ATF on who is “engaged in the business” of selling firearms to include those who primarily sell weapons at gun shows or over the internet. These sellers would be required to register as licensed firearms dealers and conduct background checks to sell a gun.

Maloney is the sponsor of the Gun Show Loophole Closing Act—comprehensive legislation to require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows, and increase the reporting and inspection standards for these events.

-A Presidential Memorandum directing Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security to take two important steps to promote smart gun technology, including support for research and the possible acquisition of this technology for federal use.

Maloney is the sponsor of the Handgun Trigger Safety Act, which would require all handguns to use “smart gun” technology. Development of this technology is critical to prevent accidental gun deaths and promote responsible gun ownership.

Congresswoman Maloney is a longtime gun-control advocate who has sponsored numerous gun safety measures and is currently lead sponsor of five gun violence prevention bills in Congress:

1.       H.R. 2380: The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2015
2.       H.R. 2612: To authorize $10 million annually to fund gun violence public health research
3.       H.R. 2613: Handgun Trigger Safety Act of 2015
4.       H.R. 2546: Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015
5.       H.R. 3455: Gun Trafficking Prevention Act of 2015

The Gun Trafficking Prevention Act would boost penalties for straw purchasers and give prosecutors tools to go after trafficking rings that bring illegal guns to our cities. The Firearm Safety and Public Health Research Act would provide funding to research gun violence as a public health issue. The Gun Show Loophole Closing Act would subject all gun sales at gun shows to background checks. The Firearm Risk Protection Act would require liability insurance coverage for gun owners. The Handgun Trigger Safety Act would improve gun safety by ensuring that only authorized users would be able to operate handguns utilizing personalization (or “smart gun”) technology.