Maloney applauds Obama decision to stop defending DOMA

Feb 23, 2011
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) today issued the following statement:

“The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is discriminatory and today President Obama agreed, ordering the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in the federal courts.

“This decision marks a victory for the LGBT community and for all Americans who believe in civil rights and equality under the Constitution.  Throughout my entire career in public service, no one has ever asked me to defend their marriage -- but countless same-sex couples have spoken poignantly to me of their efforts to secure legal recognition and protections for their own families.  That’s why I applaud today’s move by the Obama administration to stop defending the indefensible.

“While this decision does not repeal a law that should never have passed -- and that I voted against -- those of us fighting for marriage equality can take heart in this significant step  toward a time when all families are treated equally under the law.”