Jul 29, 2002
Press Release

Washington, DC - June 26 - In the last day before the August recess, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), along with several other Members of Congress introduced the "Still Saving Women's Lives Act of 2002." The bill, H.R. 5293, gives money to UNFPA for FY03 and makes it harder for the President to use broad interpretations of the law to deprive women around the world of much needed healthcare.

In his 7/28/02 Washington Post column about the defunding of UNFPA by the Bush Administration, David S. Broder wrote,

"Every Administration makes certain compromises -- in policy and appointments -- to satisfy political constituencies. But most administrations draw the line at compromises that cost lives. The Bush Administration now has crossed that line -- not accidentally but deliberately."

After announcing the introduction of H.R. 5293, which would reverse the Administration's decision, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney made the same point about the political decision to defund UNFPA and released the following statement, "Across America and the world, the reaction is clear - the decision to de-fund UNFPA wasn't done on the merits. This action wasn't about the facts, it was just to appease the President's right wing. The facts show that UNFPA is saving women's lives, yet the President chose to ignore them and the recommendation of his own investigative team he sent to China. This legislation takes this wrong and sets it right."


  •  The "Still Saving Women's Lives Act of 2002" will provide $50 million for UNFPA and redefine Kemp-Kasten.

  •  Despite the fact that Congress included $34 million for UNFPA in the FY02 Foreign Operations Bill, which the President signed in January, 2002, the Administration announced last week that it would NOT fund UNFPA.

  • Other cosponsors at this time include, Reps. Morella (R-MD), Crowley (D-NY), Lowey (D-NY), Dingell (D-MI), Smith (D-WA), Roybal-Allard (D-CA), Berman (D-CA), Sanders (I-VT), Lee (D-CA), Towns (D-NY), Udall (D-CO), Rangel (D-NY).

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