Sep 9, 1998
Press Release
Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), a long time advocate of redeveloping Governors Island with a mix of public and private use, was alarmed to read in today's Daily News that gambling empire Caesars World and possibly other gambling companies are looking at Governors Island as a site for a casino. Maloney issued the following statement:

"When the Mayor first floated the idea of turning Governors Island into a casino, the public's outrage was loud and clear. Now, almost ten months later, we have reports that gambling is still in the picture with one large gambling company and maybe others eyeing Governors Island.

"Although the Daily News reported that the Coopers & Lybrand study cited gambling as the 'most lucrative use for Governors Island,' the article neglected to mention that the study referred only to the southern 25 acres of the island. But don't forget, gambling is illegal and unconstitutional in New York State. For the law to change, we are looking at a minimum of three years.

"Furthermore, what would happen to the remaining 147 acres with a casino on the island? What reputable institution or organization would want to share a tiny space with an around-the-clock, high-roller haven? We would have to eliminate any possibility of having a mixed use island -- whether it is educational, residential or public use -- with the existence of a gambling presence.

"I hope that manyl groups submit proposals to the City on Friday. And I hope that the City will consider the responsible proposals that take into account all New Yorkers, not just the gamblers. The island belongs to the people of New York and it should be developed in a manner that best accomodates their needs."